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Political warfare in the making

Political warfare in the making

As the much talked about 2012 elections are just a skip to catch the political, momentum is gradually spreading like a bush fire in the harmattan, some of the candidates that have shot up for the opposition SLPP are currently facing criticism, the most recent been Dr. Kadie Sesay (in photo).

The current issue on the political platform was ignited by a Sierra Leonean born based in the USA called Alpha Kinei Massquoi who claimed not to have any interest in neither the incumbent APC nor the Opposition SLPP but out of curiosity conducted a study to sound the opinion of the SLPP delegates who they will vote for as flagbearer if election was held today and who the other delegate will vote for.

The number of people interviewed was two or three per district and the figures reflected the subjective projection for each of the leading candidate. Julius Bio is more popular among young people in the southern and eastern provinces who are not delegate while Kadie Sesay, Boye and Timbo are popular in the north and Boye is popular in Freetown around the area where he grew up, that is, the Mountain Cut area. Alpha Kinei Massquoi noted that his write up is not statistical or scientific research but views of people.

He ended by saying he did not understand the tension and abuse between people who belong to the same party but noted that the SLPP enjoyed killing each other while the APC is discipline and organised.

Massaquoi claimed to be an associate fellow at the Ghent University in Belgium. Yankuba Kai Samba noted that Alpha Massquoi is not an Associate fellow nor a member or personnel at Ghent University as Professor Stijn Vansteel and a lecturer for Ghent University supposedly confirmed.

Samba noted stated that if someone like Massaquoi can lie to the SLPP members and to the people of Sierra Leone about being an Associate Fellow at a university why should anyone believe in the conclusion he drew from his survey. Samba described the survey as fabrication, a demonstration of a high level of deception. He further describes the survey as an outright disrespect for the vast majority of delegates and SLPP supporters who will rather wish for a more civilized and sensible way of promoting a candidate of individual choice.

Yankuba Kai Samba noted that he will be investing time and effort in the future flag bearer election of the SLPP and will not sit by and allow deliberate fabrication to distort their common purpose of electing the most suitable candidate to challenge the incumbent president, Ernest Koroma as the starting point to get there is to respect the delegates and not treat them as if they were fools by presenting a bogus meaningless opinion poll whilst falsely claiming to be a fellow of Ghent university.

He describes the idea of the poll as nonsensical as it is not credible for the society. In his own opinion, the bench mark for restoring voters trust in the SLPP and place the party in a better unified position to have any chance of retaking state house by 2012 should be the capacity to delivery, proven accomplishment, competence, blemish free public record, no baggage, sound intellect through understanding of the nation’s problem, the discipline knowledge to provide solution to them and a trusted background.

Yankuba Kai Samba believes Andrew Keili has these qualities and he will have his full support in what he describes as a costly and challenging times ahead as they both have one aim which is to put the country at ease and create the social and economic environment whose citizens can be proud of and that no one is disadvantaged because of his or her region, tribes, religion or political affiliation as these are the guiding principles that inspired Andrew Keili to seek the leadership of Sierra Leone through the help of the SLPP party.

He pleaded with Massaquoi, if he did exist at all, to save the SLPP from embarrassment as they believe in competitive policies but also believes that Massaquoi’s lies to deceive the party are detrimental to the party standing and unity but also helpful to Kadi Sesay campaign. However, this medium has written Mr Alpha Massaquoi to comment on the authenticity of the study and his position at the university but yet to reply.  (Since going to press it is noted that Mr Massaquoi has replied to Sierra Express; rejoinder to appear later!)

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