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President Ernest Bai Koroma’s team – a shame and incompetence, The New People – a rejoinder

President Ernest Bai Koroma’s team – a shame and incompetence, The New People – a rejoinder

In one of his contributions to the above quoted online tabloid, titled the great Sitta Turay had this to say: (Photo: Brima M. Turay)

Friday, 02 July 2010 04:35 administrator

“There are so many people on the President Koroma’s team that are ’round pegs in square holes’. Mr. Turay also cited four categories of people that are making the government of President Koroma fail:

“Those that are hard-core supporters of APC that think they are owed jobs from the President. Those that spend their money and other resources on the APC that also wants to be compensated. There are those that supported President Koroma during his tussle for leadership in the APC party. Those that spent their money, influence, media propaganda, espionage on the SLPP and underground negotiation with the international community for the recognition and manipulation for APC to win the elections and; THE PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE PARTY (PMDC)”.

I want to remind Mr. Sitta Turay that these categories have existed in our politics for only God knows how long; and the fact that you think these categories of people still exist in President Koroma’s team does not constitute a shame or disgrace on the president’s part. It usually takes good leadership to eliminate such categories or minimize their negative impact on society. This is the reason why President Koroma has set out to weed our nation of these kinds of people through the Anti-corruption Commission, which was established by the SLPP but under whose stewardship the said Commission became a toothless bull dog. In the entire 12 years of SLPP rule, can you tell me, Mr. Turay, how many people that this commission actually brought to book? Not a whole lot, I suppose.

I can tell you exactly what is most incompetent and shameful about the SLPP regime: They had, as president, from 1996 to 2007, someone who had worked for the UN with 30 and more years of experience in the art of helping to lift and develop struggling nations; and a Vice president who was and still is a lawyer; and one of the best, if I may add, for  over five years; and a host of Doctors and highly trained individuals as Ministers in the SLPP cabinet; but they ended up ditching our nation into the cliff of poverty with a shameful economic legacy and untold sufferings. All of these people were, in my opinion, and in the opinion of Mr. Sitta Turay, Square pegs in Square holes (fit for the job) but still could not deliver to the expectations and satisfaction of the average Sierra Leonean. Why do you think we should encourage people like them in our APC?

It should therefore not surprise Mr. Sitta Turay that President Koroma decided to try people who have the passion and the desire to help lift this nation from its economic and political doldrums. We do not need one million Doctors in a cabinet that requires basic common sense approach to the Sierra Leone problems.

I also see that Mr. Turay is attempting the politics of association by tying former RUF members to the new APC regime. I would like to refresh and draw Mr. Turay’s memory to the stack reality that Mr. John Benjamin, now Chairman of the SLPP party; Mr. John Karimu and many others, were all very strong pillars of the NPRC regime. It would therefore be an act of incompetence to have had Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin as Minister of Finance in the SLPP of Dr. Tejan Kabbah after creating and serving the NPRC regime; consequently plunging our nation into the worst economic disaster that the Koroma administration is still struggling to resuscitate.

It would also be politically incompetent not to have known that the survival of our nation depended, in part, on the completion of the Bumbuna hydro project and the road networks but the SLPP administration played politics with these projects to the detriment of their political survival. Well, Mr. Turay, the APC thrives on practical and physical evidence of economic landmark and development. That is an act of political competence; and president Koroma and his team embodies those qualities. He holds members of his team to higher standards and, for the first time in the history of our nation, he subjects them to performance contracts and appraisal. Is that not an example of political competence, Mr. Sitta Turay? I rest my case, sir!

Brima M. Turay, PRO; APC North AmericaÂ

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  • Brima M. Turay, I can’t believe you are living in the US because your argument and criticism of the Administrator’s July 2nd article is totally illogical. You know very well that lobbyists could influence the structure and character of an Administration. I very well agree that the president is largely surrounded by incompetent pinheads. Take for example the awarding of the 32m USD generator and the 6m spent to transport it. Where is the generator today and why no one is held being held accountable for it?

    16th July 2010

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