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Zain Launches another Grand Promotion

Zain Launches another Grand Promotion

On the 30th of June 2010, Zain reaffirmed to its subscribers that it remains the leading mobile communications network in Sierra Leone and beyond.

It could be recalled that little birds in the telecommunications world had been whispering of a change, promising the ‘unveiling of something fresh and exciting’. This hint got many people excited and could hardly breathe lest they miss history being made yet AGAIN by Zain, as this event has been confirmed to be the ‘History of Histories’.

On the said date at the Miatta Conference Hall, Zain came true to their word and delivered what they promised; an event packed with freshness and excitement, an event that surpassed all others, an event showcasing why Zain is No.1!

The event tabled by some of society’s finest like the distinguished Hon. David O. Carew, Minister of Trade, Akibo-Betts, National Revenue Authority Official (NRA), Directors from Zain – Keith Tukei, Commercial Director, Kelvin Kellie, Director of Corporate Affairs, and Ted Sauti-Phiri, Managing Director, commenced right on schedule with refreshments that came with love from Zain to its numerous valued customers present, amidst cheers and excitement.

In his welcome statement, Kelvin Kellie, Director of Corporate Affairs welcomed and thanked all present for gracing the event and confirmed that Zain indeed had a lot of goodies planned for it’s subscribers and implored them to sit tight for the ride with Zain as it would definitely worth it.

To further arouse subscribers’ minds and curiosity, a famous guest artiste was introduced much to the delight of those present. The talented artiste famously known as ‘Succulent’ wowed the crowd bringing them to their feet in laughter as he gave a few jokes and left the stage amidst applause for the Managing Director, Ted Sauti-Phiri.

Gracing the podium with finesse, the M.D stated that Zain is currently celebrating it’s jubilee as they have reached a grand milestone in mobile phone communications in Sierra Leone. He expressed his loyalty to Zain and stressed the importance of subscribers and what they mean to Zain.

“In Zain we are one people – A wonderful world”, he told the cheering crowd.

Finally, the moment that had everyone on the edge of their seats came; a moment of revelation, a moment of truth.

Hon. David Carew had the honor of launching the ‘surprise’ and he did it with much aplomb and finesse. He commended Zain for its numerous promotions aimed at enhancing the lives of its valued subscribers. He said that a network like Zain has done Sierra Leone proud. He professed that he has been an avid fan of Zain and has not regretted his decision to be part of the Zain Family.

He assured that they as a Government will continue to create a satisfying stage for the private sector to operate on as he has seen the opportunities and developments created by a private sector like Zain.

It is understood that Zain contributed an estimated sum of Le 22.8 billion to the government coffers in taxes in 2009. He then unveiled the ‘Fambul Tariff’ and gave way to the ‘Mechanics’ of such wonderful and thoughtful kindness to explain the advantages and benefits of such a tariff.

James Koroma asserted that Zain is always associated with great things; they can boast of the best quality network, most innovative products and services aimed at making its ‘family’ happy and satisfied beyond expectations. Zain, he went on, also boasts of a Customer Care Service that operates twenty four hours a day. He furthermore stated that for all these reasons and more Zain must be commended and appreciated, a statement that was met with approval from the audience.

He called the ‘Fambul’ Tariff Network “Unity Network” and said that with such a low tariff, Sierra Leone as a people will be united communicating on the biggest, cheapest and best network.

He explained that with this new tariff, one would only pay for what he/she talks. He said with regard the new tariff, the normal tariff has been reduced to 40%. And it’s a lasting promotion of ‘more talk for less cash.’

He concluded by saying that “If you believe God, believe Zain.”

A subscriber was called upon to give an honest opinion on Zain and he rated Zain second to none and expressed his thanks to Zain for their innovative services, saying that Zain can make things happen, as they are very versatile in all forms of life.

Zain brought out human Zain ‘robots’ to amuse the audience with their antics as more artistes like the beautiful talented ‘Willie Jay’ took over the stage with her hypnotizing lyrics.

In the closing statement, Donald Peters thanked everyone for coming and beseeched people to stay with Zain as they’re nothing less than a “Wonderful World.”

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