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August 2015

Based on the behavior of his fellow citizens, Professor Parrot has developed and propounded a new political concept called CORRUPTOCRACY which can be simply defined as government of the corrupt, for the corrupt and by

We are now living in a very dangerous country where anybody can stab anybody anytime and anywhere. The rate at which people are now stabbing people is becoming alarming and has become a cause for

In Sierra Leone, journalism seems to have become a free-for-all profession which every Jack and Jill can practice. In fact, this country is now witnessing a high population of impostor journalists whose main duty is

The appearance of the “khaki boys” on the political stage in Sierra Leone came about as a sequel to what had started in Nigeria (11 coups by the 70s and 19 towards the end of

Donald Trump appeared to be the flavour of the month and had been flying high on the American political Richter scale. But it seems that either the wheels are coming off the rails or he

I have read with fitting attention, the piece written by Lansana Kormoh (Dr.), (my former University Lecturer), titled; “When Governance institutions fail, Democracy Perishes: Sierra Leone”, a clear attempt to critically assessing “governance institutions as

With Rolling Stone’s retraction of the UVA rape story after investigation by Columbia University, notwithstanding, actress and playwright Fariso Jordan succeeds in keeping it strictly real in her rescripted, full production play Georgia. Fariso’s play Georgia

My Fellow Countrymen: Chief Bombolai’s eloquent explanation about the state of political affairs of Sierra Leone, has demonstrated that he is truly a Sierra Leonean patriot. What I have often told these guys on the

The Director of Operations in the Sierra Leone Police, Assistance Inspector General  (AIG) Alsheikh Kamara has pledged the Sierra Leone Police, SLP’s constant and unflinching support to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) through

Francess Kanneh Lube, Ransford Arthur James Maxwell and Francis Metzeger, all of 28 Kissy Bye Pass Road Freetown, were past Wednesday arraigned before Magistrate Hannah Bonnie on two count charges of domestic violence contrary to

With no intention of praise singing, President Ernest Bai Koroma has impressed me by responding positively to the public demand to relax the suppressive and boring health emergency that has dented our social and economic

Capt. Pat-Sowe , Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources  The 4th meeting of African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Ministers in charge of Fisheries and Aquaculture has ended at the ACP House in Brussels Belgium. The forum which was

Sierra Leone is globally renowned for her diamond riches but over the years, our diamond industry has declined sharply as confirmed by many diamond dealers interviewed by this press. The sharp decline in our once

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the Republic of Sierra Leone, Franklyn Bai Kargbo, has vowed to strengthen the justice sector The Minister made the commitment yesterday in the conference room of the Ministry

Sierra Leone is now witnessing a mushrooming of schools many of which do not meet the parameters to exist as schools. These schools lack the necessary facilities that foster effective learning such as laboratories, decent