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Too Much Stabbing

Too Much Stabbing

We are now living in a very dangerous country where anybody can stab anybody anytime and anywhere. The rate at which people are now stabbing people is becoming alarming and has become a cause for the concern of this press. Government must do all in its power to stop this highly dangerous trend of things.

This past Sunday night, a notorious gangster stabbed to death one Joseph Forbie whose remains are now in the Connaught Hospital Mortuary while the gangster is behind bars. Not long ago, a woman stabbed her former husband, Alie Bangura to death. Sometime ago in Bo, a very senior citizen, Tamba Kassoh, was stabbed to death for girl friend. Such incidents of stabbing often resulting to deaths have become very rife and posing a threat to national security.

Our police and courts have been doing their best to curb the ugly situation by penalizing culprits many of whom are languishing behind bars but the stabbing incidents continue unabated. Many are describing this trend of bloody violence as part of the aftermath of the decade-long rebel savagery in the country while others attribute it to the rampant abuse of drugs and the proliferation of drug addicts.

Government must treat this situation with the seriousness it deserves by putting in place stringent measures to discourage such brutalities. And one stringent measure we are recommending is a life jail sentence for anyone who stabs the other. The constitutional penalty may not be very severe and that may be the main reason why people are not afraid of stabbing people to death.

We are bringing up this suggestion because the gangster who reportedly stabbed Forbie to death was just from prison for stabbing another person. If that gangster was to spend the rest of his life behind bars, he would never have got the opportunity to stab to death another person unless he had to stab his fellow inmates in prison.

But it is high time we got rid of such dangerous people from our society; anybody who stabs the other must not be allowed to come back into our society; he or she must spend the rest of his or her wicked life in prison to prevent him or her from stabbing another person in the free society.

We are with strongest conviction that if government implements our recommendation, the rate of stabbings will reduce drastically and we will no longer be living in fear of being stabbed by gangsters or other hard core criminals.

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