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June 2013

Sources from the Sierra Leone Police have revealed that over the past two months, police officers have murdered seventeen people in various incidents, a development which many well-meaning citizens believe as unfortunate and worrying, considering

Sierra Leone nowadays seems to be following the philosophy of Charles Darwin which states that in the struggle for existence, only the fittest will survive, the law of the jungle. Sierra Leone today resembles a jungle

Parrot has just received his Masters Degree in Police Studies from the National Police University where the great bird was opportuned to conduct an extensive research on the tactics of the Sarah Leone Police and

Massive illicit sand mining is reported to be going on in Tisana and Mobureh in the Kargboro Chiefdom, Moyamba District and a Chinese Company called the West Africa Zircom Mining Company is said to be

A new company known as Leonkhain Holdings Company Sierra Leone Limited (LHC-SL LTD) is a  leading Sierra Leonean general merchandise and high-tech dredging and sand mining company with strong links with the Ellicott Dredge and

The Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) the Northern Polytechnic, the Eastern Polytechnic, the Freetown Teachers College and the Port Loko Teachers College yesterday resolved to go on a sit-down strike effective next

The recent shooting of  a deportee from the United States of America by the Sierra Leone Police has sparked  concerns from  civil society organizations in the country and one such  organization is the newly formed

The Civil Peace Service Network (CPS) in Sierra Leone and Liberia has issued a joint position paper  urging the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to ensure that tactile ballots are introduced  in future elections to enable

I never knew how valuable was Moringa until I met Charles Boyle, popularly called Doctor Moringa. Almost everything about Charles Boyle is Moringa. He eats Moringa and drinks Moringa, the miracle tree that cures almost

Parrot is pleading with the blue boys to re-brand their slogan from Force for Good to Force for Bad. This is because, nowadays, the blue boys are doing quite the inverse of what they are

Registration for Airtel Rising Stars – a program supported by one of the world’s leading soccer teams, Manchester United, is now on.  Airtel Rising Stars is an ambitious Pan African soccer talent programme that will

With the recent start of the rainy season Lunsar Town has been experiencing heavy rainfall. In one downpour alone nearly 90 mm of rain was measured, leading to severe flash flooding in the town. Houses

A passport is a national item meant for honest citizens, not for international fraudsters. Being a sacred national document, our passport must not be desecrated for commercial or other reasons. But we keep wondering why our

The Minister of Works and Infrastructure, Alimamy Petito Koroma on Thursday 6th June 2013 received a hero’s welcome from hundreds of All Peoples Congress (APC) supporters on arrival at Manaise Village, Sanada Magbolorthor Chiefdom, Port

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Religious tolerance is one of the great favors from God to our nation Sierra Leone, where Muslims and Christians could be seen living and working