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December 2009

City Mayor Rebuke Over Missing Clock The Freetown City Mayor Herbert George Williams has been lashed again over a missing clock hand on the Freetown clock tower at Eastern Police. The £45,000 clock has faced a

The Consider Women Organization Sierra Leone (CWOSL) is a women’s organization that is located in the Tonko Limba Chiefdom in Kambia District, northern Sierra Leone. It is an organization that is geared towards seeking the

Sierra Leone has indeed come a long way in the fight against corruption. It was one of the best things that happened in the country’s reformation when the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) was formed with

When the political table turned against Charles Francis Margai over the SLPP leadership in 2005, many people saw it as an unfair play against him as he deserved all rights to the SLPP leadership. Those

Goderich Community in the West of the capital on 28th November 2009 announced that it will host a youth championship boxing competition which will be used to showcase the talents of youths in boxing and

Political issues, just like conflict, attract the media ‘as powerfully as flies gather around sweets’, writes Chinyere Stella Okunna, in a paper titled, ‘Communication and Conflict: A commentary on the Role of the Media’, in

Between the last months of 2002 and early 2003, the SLPP government of President Tejan-Kabbah conducted elections for Paramount Chiefs in 63 chiefdoms country wide. The proceedings ran very smoothly in all of them because

The Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation has imported twelve fifty–six seater buses in the country to add to its fleet. The Managing Director Sierra Leone Road Transport Corporation Bockarie Kamara at the weekly press briefing

The 40 Paramount Chieftaincy Elections that should have commenced on the 25th November  in Port Loko, Kambia, Bombali, Tonkolili, Koinadugu, Kono, Kailahum, and Kenema have all been postponed to the 5th-23rd December 2009. In a press

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) has come a long way. In the past two years, it has gone through numerous and varied reformations, and this time, it seems a facelift has been added

With over twenty partners working in collaboration with the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat (NAS) in fighting the pandemic in Sierra Leone, they have all decided to make pregnant women their priority in this year’s World AIDS

Kuma Okeke, a Nigerian born, was caught with ten bulky substances believed to be cocaine, six hundred Euros, two hundred dollars, a Nokia 1100 phone and a Guinean passport at the Lungi international airport on

It is so good to know that people indeed care about women in a country that is still struggling to be free of injustices and an irrational fear of change. So many movements that advocate

As humans we all have our moments and as each a different person, hence different moments. Unfortunately this tends to affect our lives and others correlated too, most especially in relationships. Sometimes it appears that one’s