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As Sierra Leone joins the world to commemorate the Global Road Safety week and National Road Safety month on the 6th of May 2021 the Sierra Leone Road

Road traffic accidents are a major, but neglected national health problem that is requiring concerned efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. After the ten year senseless war, and almost

The National Traffic Coordinator of the Sierra Leone Police, Superintendent Ambrose Michael  Sovula, has informed Journalists that it is wrong for passengers to be telling Poda poda and

There have been sporadic confrontations between state authorities and street traders over the use of public spaces in Freetown.  These confrontations on the streets and pavements of the

Launching an operation is good but sustaining it is better. We have witnessed several operations in this country, some successful but some an excellent failure. The Operation Barass which

We are extremely worried by certain happenings within the country, especially in Freetown, but for whose efficiency and consistency the country would have been in a status far

The traffic division of the Sierra Leone Police, a force that regards itself as a force for good, is a huge disappointment in the sense that that division

Every night when Searcher beams his light and sees this massive bus parked right in the middle of the street at Saroulla, Kissy Bye Pass Road, Kissy, he

We have observed with dismay the number of road accidents across the country in recent months but more particularly in the capital. These accidents, frequent as they have