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Sustainable Operation This Time

Sustainable Operation This Time

Launching an operation is good but sustaining it is better. We have witnessed several operations in this country, some successful but some an excellent failure.

The Operation Barass which eradicated the notorious West Side Boys was, without saying, a success, after the woeful failure of Operation Cookery. ECOMOG’s Operation Death before Dishonor launched during the unforgettably horrible January 6 invasion was sustained till the demise of the AFRC/RUF Alliance.

In a bid to rid the streets of the stubborn traders, the then SLPP launched Operation Free-Flow to allow traffic to flow freely. However, we believe the operation was never sustainable as it succeeded briefly and woefully failed subsequently as the traders re-converged on the streets in their thousands.

Now the Operation WID has been launched to solve the same problem that the Operation Free Flow failed to address, so, we only hope operation WID will not end up being another Operation Free Flow.

We quite appreciate the vehemence and enthusiasm with which this operation has been launched but our fear is whether it will be sustained. We will definitely be disappointed if we see the momentum subsiding after few days and traders re-grouping on the streets.

Already, the PZ area and its environs have been decongested by the operation and residents of that area are now breathing fresh, while pedestrians now walk with freedom as the traffic flows comparatively free. But what guarantee do we have that the stubborn traders will not take over the streets once again if the operation relaxes after few days.

We are raising this concern because we have observed that many a time we initiate good things but fail to maintain them. We are of the opinion that the success of Operation WID depends on its sustainability. Stubborn people must be fought stubbornly. A drastic disease deserves drastic medication.

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