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Two Nigerian Professors including Prof. Margaret Olubumi Afolabi and Prof. Tiwalade Olugbade has ended interactions with members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Sierra Leone in Freetown.  Prof. Margaret

Citizens residing in the Waterloo community are raising serious concern over the increase in production of substandard drugs floating around the community. Speaking to this medium in pain and

The ability of Drug Regulatory Agencies to adequately carry out the ever challenging tasks to ensure medicines safety depends on the capacity of its staff carry out such

The World Health Organization (WHO) through the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone and other stakeholders in healthcare in the country has funded the repeal the Pharmacy and Drugs

FREETOWN: In preparation for resuming export of Sierra Leone fish products to the European market, the State House Chief of Staff has made inspection visits to Government Agencies

Sierra Express Media has been able to ascertain that the country’s agency for the protection of the public health of the nation - Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone

Registrar of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has said in Freetown that errors that occur in the use of medicines and medical therapy are greater than the

The Sierra Leone Pharmacy Board and the Sierra Leone Police will this week charge 7 people to court, caught in a ferocious raid on drug peddling in the

The National Aids Secretariat (NAS) has donated a state of the Art Condom Testing Machine to the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone; a move that is geared at