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Pademba Road prisoners entertained

Pademba Road prisoners entertained

For the first time in history – on New Year’s Day 2013 at Pademba Road Prison in Freetown Sierra Leone, Papay Zua, Daddy Rhymes, Fantacee and Dynce perform to prisoners

When we heard about this we immediately had to get in touch with one of the Artists to write up on this as this is the first of its kind. Up until now entertainers have never been in the Prisons to perform to prisoners. Continue reading the one to one Interview with Fantacee- Sierra Leone based Pop Singer

The four artists were asked by a charity organisation called ‘Blessed sons with artist for peace and SL DJs Union’ based in Sierra Leone to perform at the Prison.  Fantacee says she decided to say yes because as an artist you not asked on a regular basis to perform in front of prisoners, so she decided to take the opportunity to go and see what it was like in there and most importantly to inspire the prisoners with her music. Out of the four artists Fantacee was the only female artist. We asked Fantacee what was the aim of doing this performance.  Fantacee goes on to explain that ‘the aim was to make the prisoners feel like they’re still part of the society despite their present situation.  Fantacee even went as far as wearing the prison uniform the prisoners. The prisoners were amazed at this and liked that she was putting herself in their shoes. She performed a drama-like poetry and then performed her song ‘Free’

Fantacee wearing prison uniform to perform

We asked Fantacee whether entertaining criminals was sending out a positive message to the prisoners, as prison is a place of punishment and not entertainment. Fantacee replied saying, ‘we performed there because we wanted to send out a positive message and inspire the prisoners in a good way, through our music’. The four performed for the male prisoners at the Head quarter prison in Sierra Leone. The prisoners we very excited and shouted with joy as this was the first time ever in Sierra Leone for Artists to perform in there. Fantacee went on to say that though she did not gain anything financially because it was a charity performance, she would like to do it again but to for Female Prisoners or at the same Pademba road prison.

The very emotional Fanatacee finished our interview by saying ‘”I Loved it because it was my first time to go in there, I am a very emotional person, so most of the time I was crying and a little bit depressed.  Some prisoners were released today and most of them weren’t in good health, even the ones in prison were looking sick too.  What kills me inside the most is that most of the prisoners were youths, in a sense we the youths are the ones involved in crime. I even spoke to one of the prison officers after my performance, he told me that the prison was built for three hundred and fifty people but now they’re having one thousand four hundred and fifty people.  My final message to them was ‘you’re in here today because of one reason or the other but you’re alive and you still have the chance to make things right, learn from your mistakes and work on them to make things right’.”

Fantacee wishes all of Salone Truefans a very Happy New Year.
To find out more about Fantacee and her music, check out her artist page and download her song with Dallas Bantan – Nah u one ah dae do – for free http://salonetruefans.co.uk/Fantacee_Wiz/

Courtesy Salone True Fans

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