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Junta men take over SLPP – Sierra Update

Junta men take over SLPP – Sierra Update

Two of the key players who brought untold sufferings to the people of Sierra Leone have taken the leadership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) ahead of the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. 

Julius Maada Bio, former Head of State and John Oponjo Wurie Chief Secretary of State in the junta regime of the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) – the regime that executed, terrorized, tortured and humiliated thousands of innocent Sierra Leoneans, have won both the leadership and Chairmanship of the SLPP during the party’s National Delegates conference. 

“They want to bring back the NPRC in disguise – we now believe that the SLPP is NPRC part two, but trust me we wouldn’t allow them take over power again for the second time – at least not now that we are beginning to see positive things coming our way under the leadership of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma,” said a relative of one of the victims of Salami Coker and others who were innocently and brutally murdered in cold blood. 

The leadership contest itself ended this morning with Maada Bio emerging as winner beating all 18 of his opponents. He pulled 238 votes against his closest opponents Osman Boie Kamara who got 185. 

Another NPRC kingpin Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie who was Secretary of State Sports until he was disgracefully molested and bundled in a car boot before being locked up in a cell also won the position of the Secretary General kicking out the loud-mouthed Joseph Jusu Saffa alias JJ Blood, after earlier being endorsed by Maada Bio. 

By Sududu Sududu 

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  • Foday Bangura, I do not have to use false names. I am not afraid of the gbose gbose APC fanatics who make noise and run when things become hot. When the rebels onslaught occured in Sierra leone, the serial womaniser Momoh and his ueless APC ministers could not perform and left it to Bio and NPRC to fight for the country .

    The main thing that SLPP did was to maintain and respect democracy. This allowed people like you to criticize SLPP and wrestle power from them. This is something that never happened under the kleptocratic APC. You would not cough under Sheki.

    Cowardly APC face the fact , Ernest Koroma is a decent and honest man but he is not competent to develop Sierra Leone. I will say it till idie. We are a different SLPP , We will not be swayed of bullied by APC propapaganda.

    APC are lucky, SLPP gave them a gift, a blemished candidate. The fact is that there has been very little acheived by APC Koroma. The international community is disappointed in their man Ernest. He has not delivered . He is a failure. APC can read a different picture of Sierra Leone in red their colored glasses.

    5th August 2011
  • Kamara, I see you are on here and on the standard times posting false propaganda about the APC under the name KAMARA. Why don’t you stop being a chicken and post your real name? Maada Bio is contesting the presidency, not the old APC of Siaka Stevens and Agba Satani. Ernest Koroma can proudly boast that he does not have blood on his hands to this point. Can your say the same about your boy Maada Bio? If the SLPP was a development oriented party they would not have been kicked out of power in 2007. EBK is a progressive leader with his free health care program for lactating and pregnant women and children under five. The smallholders commercialization program is picking up steam and roads are being constructed at a fast pace. Bumbuna Phase 2 is about to kick off. Name me one single achievement of the SLPP party during their eleven unprogressive years in power? Bio will not get elected because the voting people will be reminded time and time again of his thuggish and brutal behavior. Do you think we want another Idi Amin or Bokassa in Sierra Leone, HELL NO.

    5th August 2011
  • Bio was not my candidate or the best candidate to win but he was elected democraticaly. I have to accept it. Do not mind the gbose gbose APC , they want to steal the next elections through violence and thuggery. They fear Bio will not sit down and leave it to god , he will fight them.

    If it were not for the kleptocratic and useless APC momoh govt, there would have been no need for NPRC.
    Give us a break, We do not need another five years of a failed APC Govt. BIO is more educated than Ernest Koroma any day

    WHat has been the APC record in four years








    Do you want more of this, then vote APC

    The battle has just begun, Do not fall for the APC propaganda. Who has more blood on their hands than APC ?

    Ask the families of Minah, Banguras, Taqi and Forna.

    5th August 2011
  • Do you want to say NPRC is equal to SLPP and APC equal to APC?Maada Bio,Tom etc in SLPP.Leather boot,Allieu Kamara all in APC.those who committed the worst crimes are in the AFRC/APC.
    Please note that the Chairman of this noble party,SLPP is not oponjo Wurie but Benjamin.Please cross check your facts if you have one.

    4th August 2011
  • SLPP elected credible people with outstanding records as national state men/women whether you like it or not.Most sierra Leone politicians including President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma have joined different political parties before. “Only fool and God don’t change”. The current APC government is composed of former members of RUF, AFRC, NPRC and even SLPP. Presidential canditate Bio’s association with NPRC has no effect on his current status determined by well-meaning Sierra Leoneans for peace and unity. For any APC simpathizer labeling SLPP as a violence proned murderers and human right abusers is like the pot calling the kettle black.

    4th August 2011
  • What a name – Sududu Sududu? You ain’t even confident enough to disclose your actual identity. People of your likes would rather disguise yourself ’cause all you have done is to expose how limited your knowledge is about Sierra Leone’s politics. What a shame! There is a lot of literature on Sierra Leone’s politics for such people like you to upgrade yourself. Its sad that you can ignore all such sources only to start making unfounded assertions. Next time you write, kindly insert your full identity if you really trust yourself for further engagements.

    2nd August 2011

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