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Last week, the government of Sierra Leone announced that all forest logging concessions were to be suspended “with immediate effect”, warning of repercussions for any violations. In a

The Director of Operations, AIG Elizabeth Turay has informed newsmen that Police has impounded 14 vehicles with loaded timber logs. Speaking at a press conference held recently at the

The Government of Sierra Leone is considered to have given the green light to timber exporters to continue rigorous logging exercises, especially in the rural areas following the

“Freelance,” they say, “is a trade for the birds. No pension, no gratuity, no salary, no benefit.”  (Photo:  Sam Sumana, Vice President, Sierra  Leone) By the above quote, it

How dare Sorious Samura, an international investigative journalist tied up with unknown and unnamed persons  hamper the standings of the Sierra Leone Vice President? Who says the video footage

Peru’s authorities have announced that they will work together with Brazil to stop loggers entering isolated Indians’ territory along the two countries’ joint border.  (Photo: Global coverage of

What a year it has been! 2009 was not an easy year for a lot of people; in fact for many it was a difficult year through which