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Mr. Idiot: It’s a set up, VP Sumana

Mr. Idiot: It’s a set up, VP Sumana

How dare Sorious Samura, an international investigative journalist tied up with unknown and unnamed persons  hamper the standings of the Sierra Leone Vice President?

Who says the video footage seemingly obtained by Sorie Sorious Samura and followers is all, but accurate nevertheless?

As an Idiot (not as Idiotic as that …), I have no hesitation rating Sorie Sorious Samura’s corruption exploratory ventures in Sierra Leone as serious set up against the Vice President.

And don’t you dare ask why? But in case you’ve failed identifying the indistinct and formlessness of the released video footage afterward, here is what the Idiot has for you.

But is the name ‘Sorious’ your given name, or was it dreamily acquired because you want it look like a westernized name though?

Need not waste time dig out why you coined your biological name from ‘Sorie’ to Sorious?

Will deal with that later! Give the Idiot time to size down Sorie Sorious Samura’s comments as in video footage on Sierra Leone.

Unconditionally, the Aljazeera cassette blamed the office of the Vice President for eating too much of corruption – fine idea, no problem at all.

And in Sorie Sorious Samura’s analysis, he said he is not sure the Vice President is aware of bribery over-indulgences of the under-mentioned persons – Alex Koroma and Momoh Conte.

You call the Idiot a senseless folk. You are at liberty to also call him a fool.  But if you call him stupid Idiot, he will have no option but tear you apart.  He hates people who call him stupid because he knows he is not one at all.

It’s been told to the Idiot that the Vice President bears no hand to the alleged bribery scam. They say it is a set up.

By the look of things, it’s as if the Sierra Leone Vice President has had unfriendly and uncalled attacks from members of the governing APC party, who fight to see him not re-appointed as President Koroma’s running mate in 2012.

It’s not true that the Vice President is involved in any bribery transaction at all.

In the video footage secretly recorded by Sorious Samura and followers, the Vice President was practically not seen overindulging into anything dubious, but act just as any forthright official could do.

The Idiot has seen no wrong on the part of the Vice President at all.

Yes, he held a meeting with the disguised journalists, who asked him, helps them register a company in the trading of timber.

He was observed telling them he will talk to the appropriate authority and will see what help he can give! Period!

No money exchange, no agreement, no financial request made in his presence at all.

And if those who took the ‘investors turned journalists’ to the Vice President turned round collecting bribe off the knowledge of the VP, who then should face the wrath- the VP or them that unscrupulously receive the bribe? No answer from the Idiot at all. Find it yourself.

He has, because he wants to prove to the world that those who say are freelance journalists go the extreme for money.

No wonder books in journalism say however that freelance is a trade for the birds. No pension, no gratuity, no benefits.

As for Sorious Samura, the Idiot need not bother you; he sees you as not knowing him too well.

But all the Idiot wants him do is, surrender facts supporting claims that the Vice President is indeed a party to the crime of bribery.

The Idiot is truly a patriot sir. He is not a defender of politicians but rather a human right advocate just as you – Sorie Sorious Samura.

He hates bully. He sees your allegation against his country’s Vice President as a complete, complete bully.

No disrespect for the investigators at all, but disrespect for those politicians, who for unfounded reason (s), may have paid money to unknown people to ‘set up’ the Vice President of  Sierra Leone because of running mate position.

Be it known that the Konos have asked the Idiot tell it to the face of President Koroma that if he dare distress their brother- Vice President Sam Sumana – he will practically not enjoy the pleasure of a second term.

So be it though. The Idiot will definitely reach offices of Di Obai and relay warnings from the Konos.  Messenger nor dae die nar war.

Will stop here and see you next week.

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  • The real issue here Brima… you might think is that it is clear that others have put the VP at risk by using his office to either set up a sting or to make money from the potential investors. Can we, hand on heart, say that this does not happen in SL, or that it is liited to the office of the VP? If we can’t then that may be the first problem that we shold eradicate this ‘practice’ for the good of our country.

    19th December 2011
  • In this instance I trust sorious….These SL journalist should give this guy (mr Samura)a pat in the back.. for doing the job they are suppose to be doing….SL Journalist are lazy and they only report on party lines…..Good on Aljazeera…Sierra Leone Politians are corrupt to the core…They give away the countrys’ natural resources for there own benefit and dont really care about the people and these sierra leone journalists dont really give a dam…they sit on there lazy asses and just spew hate on party lines…..

    29th November 2011
  • You sir are exactly what is wrong with Sierra Leone. Put simply the VP is complicit by his incompetence. At a minimum these were his people using his office, he clearly has no control over them. Complicit by his involvement, they were happy enough to use his name. These guys are not stupid and were comfortable doing so.

    Either way he should be out of there as he is not fit for purpose. Alex and Momoh should do jail time but I’ll see snow in the Sahara before either happens. “Honorable” what a joke.

    As long as we allow these people to stay in power and bestow on them undeserved respect Sierra Leone will continue to serve those at the top.

    God bless Sierra Leone.

    29th November 2011
  • Abdulai Bundu, you are the one that is actually naive. Don’t you know that it is against the ethics of jounalism to disclose your sources of information? I dont think you are against corruption, all true Sierra Leoneans who are against corruption are applauding the work of Sorious Samura. There was no need for him to follow the trailer. We all saw the trailer. It is like Sylvia Blyden trying to discredit the fine work done by a true and patriotic Sierra Leonean with her mediocre analyses of the scene or window curtain. It is about time we put our country first. Some of don’t belong to any party in Sierra Leone, we just want development in our country. The whole thing is so blatant. There is no way any one can deny it, except if you are really stupid.

    28th November 2011
  • I believe the Sierra Leonean based media and some Sierra Leoneans are missing the entire point. Mr. Samura is being attacked personally for being a true journalist. I don’t understand why people can’t see the damages that corruption is doing to this country. I’m not saying VP is guilty; but please people… explain this to me. Why was he associating himself with people like Alex and Momoh (they were caught on tape)? Due to his association with them; can anyone of you (i.e. those of you that are trying so hard to discredit Mr. Samura’s work) tell me that the VP did not know the characters of these men? By not detaching himself from people like that or help bring them to justice; as a Sierra Leonean, I held him responsible for participating in corruption. His obligation is to the people of Sierra Leone, please let’s don’t forget that.

    Another scapegoat I’m seeing is that people are saying that SLPP has paid Mr. Samura to release the video. Has anyone bothered to urge the government (APC) to do thorough investigation to prove that Mr. Samura has a personal vendetta against VP or he’s being paid to tarnish the APC government’s credibility? Has the government requested additional information from Aljazeera to further their investigation?

    Listen people; don’t ignore the fact that Sierra Leone is 100% corrupt from top to bottom. You can come up with all the doubts, questions, or comments to tarnish Mr. Samura’s image but none of that changes the fact that our country is corrupt to the core.

    Please leave Mr. Samura alone; stop attacking him or his credibility. Why isn’t the credibility of Aljazeera on the line? Does anyone think they will be so stupid to air something that is not credible? Do you think there is enough money in that country for Mr. Samura and Aljazeera to put their credibility on the line? That man has made sacrifices for that country. He may not have ended the war but he contributed enormously towards it. He shed light to the world to see what was happening during the war. Where was the Sierra Leone media at that time? He has done a whole lot more to change Africa for the better. What have you done?

    Just this one time in our corrupt lives; let’s try to do the honorable thing for our future generation. I truly want to believe that Sierra Leoneans are capable of being ethical. You are the media; use that power to do the right thing. Mr. Samura has opened the door for you all to make a difference in the country and in our lives. Go through that door and help bring proper changes to our country. Be part of the new era of our country. Do the unusual decency not the routine blame and corrupt games we are used to. Leave legacies for your children; make them proud of what you did. You can either expose Mr. Samura’s corrupted intension or you can expose the government officials and corrupted citizens of that country. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING.

    Find out more who is Sorious Samura: http://www.insightnewstv.com/people/, http://www.opendemocracy.net/node/1719, http://www.au.int/SP/auherald/contributors/sorious-samura, http://www.calling.org.uk/pages/commentary/samura/Samura_bio.php

    This is who Sorious Samura is; not the person you think he is.

    28th November 2011
  • Even a toddler would admire your naivety Abdulai Bangura. Africa still has a long journey to compete in this cynical world inundated with pseudo factual propaganda. Grow up namesake, don’t allow yourself to be carried away! 001000. A true investigative journalist would have wasted no time but follow the truck that was loaded with illegal timber down to Freetown and make alliances with the alleged rouge businessman on the documentary and custom offices. Films how that timber he had showed us from the provinces is illegally shipped out. Abdulai Bangura I do not condone corruption but for the good of the nation, Sorie should have disclosed all the players in this Saga including the informants. That is what a sensible, responsible, self esteemed, rational person would have done for his people knowing very well he ‘‘Sorie Samura’’ that Diamonds had once brought suffering to our people. Sorie a true Sierra Leoneans should answer this question about who his corporate customers are?

    28th November 2011
  • Abdulai Bundu Conteh, you should be ashamed of yourself for discrediting the work of a true Sierra Leonean. The informattion out there is so blatant, thare is no way any sensible person can deny it. You are all dishonest. Any one who discredit the work done by Mr Samura is reckless and irresponsible.

    26th November 2011
  • This is just another carefully designed political chantage intended to shock the nation. In his opening speech ” Sorie Samura ” said I was told that this level of corruption goes far way to people in higher positions. That simply indicates that prior and while carrying his ” murky -monkey or Chimp ‘investigation he was communicating by telephone and holding private meetings with those so called trusted informants. Why did he not use a hidden camera in his meetings with these anonymous sources? He would rather prefer to talk with a nice woman in the bush or the laborers. No credibility in Sortie’s reporting at all.
    He said it is hard for him to talk with people on camera either they are corrupt or apprehensive”But the nice lady wasn’t apprehensive of anyone whatsoever. Sure the so called informants /well-wishers/oh sorry leech are the same people who had stripped Sierra Leone of its natural resources during and after the war. Now they relentlessly trying to destabilize the country again by smearing and funding irresponsible individuals in our society to cause havoc. Sorie nice out fits.

    26th November 2011
  • I couldn’t agree with you more Michael. These Sierra Leonean based journalists are the most corrupt reporters I’ve ever known. For the right price, they write any garbage someone asks them to. Instead of them using this opportunity to right a wrong instead they are busy criticizing an individual who has done nothing wrong but being a true journalist. They make me sick! You all should get your sorry selves out there and go be a real journalist. Use this opportunity to uncover the relentless corruption that’s taken our country backwards. Indeed, you all should be ashamed actually; you are all committing treason and should be jail for abusing the media.

    25th November 2011
  • Mr. IDIOT, My only question for you is– Are you sure the konos are prepared to snub O’BAI for a second term for the fact findings he would adopt towards the aljazeera video?. If yes from you, then I pity you and your fellow journalists in Siera media. hypocrites in containers.

    25th November 2011
  • Here we go again, the usual suspects. Why don’t we all grow up and start acting in the interest of our country. Someone has uncovered corruption but because it involves the APC the guns are out. You guys and your ilk are a disgrace to journalism. Your colleague Mr Samura should be lauded for his bravery in exposing this cankerworm; but then I guess am wasting my time because like all involved, you opportunistic journalists (not real journalists like Mr Samoura) are all corrupt. You are only interested in maintening the status quo…shame on you.

    25th November 2011

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