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Sierra Leone VP’s bribery scam: A set up or…

Sierra Leone VP’s bribery scam: A set up or…

“Freelance,” they say, “is a trade for the birds. No pension, no gratuity, no salary, no benefit.”  (Photo:  Sam Sumana, Vice President, Sierra  Leone)

By the above quote, it is understandable that Sorious Samura, who doubles as a Freelance journalist, searches for story and sell to media institutions; sometimes to the highest bidder.

To this, came suppositions that the published video footage may have been concocted by alleged investigative journalists.

And it is a fact that as Freelance journalists (Sorious being one), their imaginations are to lure media establishments by their stories.

Just about 23:45 hours Wednesday 23rd, Aljazeera repeatedly published a video footage, photographing Sorious Samura as he exposed alleged corruption overindulgences of two Sierra Leoneans; and as rumor has it, accused the Vice President of partnering with one Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh.

The video footage pictured Alex Mansaray and Momoh Conteh  (all friends of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, and strong supporters of the governing APC party) as they accept bribe from ‘journalists’ turned ‘businessmen,’ who purportedly express interest in timber exportation.

Even though the video shows the facial appearance of Vice President Sam Sumana, it has not proved that he was with Alex and Momoh as they received the bribe.

In his report, Sorious Samura exonerated the Vice President, thereby affirming to the worldwide viewers that he is uncertain that the forenamed government officer bears hand to the alleged bribery scam.

Alex and Momoh are reportedly friends of Vice President Sam Sumana, who according to reports, are as well close buddies of President Koroma.

Reports have it also that the undercover journalists held a meeting with Alex and Momoh at an unknown location, disguising themselves as business investors, whose interests are on the exportation of timber.

Sources say however that the video seemingly gives a feeling of suspicion that it is the making of desperate state officers, who for a number of reasons – possibly the APC running mate saga- want President Koroma to ignore re-appointing Vice President Sam Sumana his running mate for the 2012 elections.

Information reaching desks of  Sierra Express Media say that the Vice President is blamelessly guiltless to the assumed bribery/corruption assertion as in the said video footage.

“I have not seen anything against the Vice President of Sierra Leone in the so-called video footage,” a State House source said. “Of course, those pictured receiving bribes from the undercover journalists must be made to face the full force of the law. But as far as the video recording is concerned, I have seen nothing linking the Vice President into any wrong doing at all.”

Facts so far gathered indicate that Alex and Momoh by no means, had any preceding discussion with the Vice President regarding the buying and selling of timber, or having him (the Vice President) grant permission to the alleged foreign businessmen in the exportation of timber, at a time of an enforced Presidential ban on timber export.

Suppositions have it though that a number of APC politicians act as conspirators, and are reportedly looking for options that discredit the Vice President to his boss President Koroma.

It is a fact that the likes of Musa Tarawally, Dianna Konomanyi, etc., are fighting for running mate  against the current Vice President come 2012.

Even though the video, in no way incriminates the Vice President, antis, who enviably not want him (the VP) re-appointed for second term, ceaselessly relays negative information against the forenamed government officer to the press.

It is the wishes of number of Sierra Leoneans that an investigation is instituted with regard to the published video recording, as it borders on the reputation of the Government of  Sierra Leone.

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  • But my Question is what happend to the paramount chief that was so proud of destroying the country and the laws of the Land? Mr president please show some examples to the public. Remove that paramount chief and the people from the villages why he was removed so the next Chief will not do the same mistake.

    6th December 2011
  • Thanks Vandi Kallon, Maya S. Kaikai is talking rubish. The VP was talking about timber so what else? He deserves to be respected because of his present status, but i think he should be fussed to resigned by Mr Koroma and the APC party. Sierra Leonean’s should be thinking positively now. Its time to do away with all these stupid and useless practices that has taking us to this depth. We need peace loving Sierra Leonean’s to work for the nation. If anyone thinks he or she want to work for their families alone, then let them go find somewhere else. Enough is enough.

    5th December 2011
  • i totally disagree with both Maya and Amara. Sorious has no question to answer. the whole thing is clearly stated in the vedio. I saw the VP telling the guys that they have postponed the ban on exporting the timber. Timber is the subject of this discussion, and the VP clearly talked about it. We should be applauding the work of Sorious samura instead of crying him down. He is a true patriot and deserved some praise.

    2nd December 2011
  • Irrespective of political affiliations,each and every Sierra Leonean should be grateful to objective journalism especially if the facts are not skewed.
    But with the recent material aired by Al jazeera wherein the facts seems to be table for a national dialogue,we all need to treat the said publication with the utmost concern and objectivity as Soriou Samura nseds to question in Sierra Leone as the principal witness to help us all get the facts.I do not believe if anyone deserves to be hail or demonized about the publication at this time.
    Mr. Sorious Samura deserves to be question about the intention,purpose,and clarify and identify the different people and locations that appears in his documentary.
    Once all those facts are quantified,then we can all be in a better position to put our wishes and biases in perspectives.
    My personal concern is the reputation of the country.For those of you who are not aware,Sierra Leone of late has gain some recognitions which marks the records than any government ever in power-represented on U N Peacekeeping forces in Sudan;one of the best places to establish a business in Africa;more jobs that pays in foreign exchange-Dollars;Construction the road to Kailahun;and many more milestones to count on.
    So if Sorious Samura is patriotic and believes that his documentary should be credited,he needs to go back to the motherland and help with the concern of all Sierra Leoneans looking forward to getting the facts straightened..LONTA.

    28th November 2011
  • But the office alleged in the video, which was supposed to be the of the VP Sam-Sumana’s office, was not his office… It was an office put together made it look like the VP’s office in other to “corn” investor…

    I’m not APC but a very strong SLPP supporter, but this not about APC nor SLPP but the will damage our country image internationally…. from my point of view, I think it’s a set-up like it is stated on Sierra Express Media a very reputable media outlet, Sorious Samura have some question to answer to…

    26th November 2011
  • Here you go!, this is the governmemnt that is always boasting of good will for this country, (BLACK MAN SORRY NAR LAF)APC I hope you will start thinking twise now. This is enough for the people
    Sierra Leone, the 70S APC is still alive. Koroma not effective.

    26th November 2011
  • Our nation Sierra Leone has suffered a decade of civil unrest; it high time we learn. Who were the beneficiaries? obviously not Sierra Leoneans, who were the instigators? remains unknown but recorded by Allah. Who were the victims? us. Shall we condone such pain any longer? frantic no? Therefore as a national of the Republic I would like to heightening two issues: First, Sierra Leone as a nation most not trusts anyone with complete access to any government authority without proper security scrutiny (Profiling). The government most able to set up closed protection team for government officers (secret service). Highly trained and dedicated for the protection and well-being of all government officers with their families. Secondly looking at the VP facially and outwardly I would expect that he most have had plans before taking the office of VP. He is too intelligent, educates, well exposes, tasted bitterness of civil war, poverty and the likes that alone is sufficient to signal him any forms of set up. There are many legal, unique and lifelong corporate ways of establishing successful businesses in Sierra Leone without encroach with any forms of illegal practices to any degree what so ever. These kinds of corporate entities I am referring to should able to provide jobs, livelihood and legendary status, even after one leaves office. As a nation let us learn from the past to build a better future.

    25th November 2011
  • Why Sierra Leone journalism isn’t journalism. At times I really wonder whether they’re trained professionals or amateur political thugs. Ibrahim Samuara assertion of the whole episode appears to be so subjective, ill thought and not fit for publication in the 21st century.

    The work of our fellow brother Sorious Samura should be applauded rather than subjected to unscrupulous and unfounded scrutiny. Corruption cannot be defeated only by polices or the creation of anti-corruption unit, the role of investigative journalism is an important tools to help fight this (as succinctly put by Mr Tunkara) “cancerous disease”. For example, the work of an investigative journalism helped Ghanaian president replaced the entire port senior administration.

    I agree with Mr Tunkara’s view of what need to be done in light of the evidence.

    25th November 2011
  • The Aljazeera investigative team actually exposed the corrupt practices of officials in Sierra Leone today.The president Ernest Koroma has a lot of work to do in curing this cancerous disease.It is very embarassing to the President and the government of Sierra Leone.A thorough investigation should be carried out in order to get to the bottom of the situation.Sting operations are done in the US and in European countries in order to expose corrupt elements.It doesn’t matter if it was a set up,these guys were caught red handed and they have to be accountable for their unlawful behavior.

    25th November 2011

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