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More Revelations on Sorious’ Testimony

More Revelations on Sorious’ Testimony

Star witness of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) in the ongoing trial of Momoh Konte, Sorious Samura spent the third day in the witness dock under intense cross examination from lawyer Maley Spaine. The quiet but probing technique of the defence lawyer exposed Sorious Samura.  A very uncomfortable Sorious Samura gave multiple conflicting answers to the barrage of questions posed by the eminent  Manley Spaine. Led in testimony by the ACC lawyers, Sorious Samura testified that his team had indeed registered a timber exporting company in twenty-four hours where it takes weeks to register in the face of bribes. Under cross examination, it turned out that the word timber was nowhere in the document he had presented to the court as his company registration, a registration that had no business certificate issued. When Sorious was asked to read the object of his company it turned out that what he had in his hands was a service company that claimed to do all manner of things but nothing remotely suggesting it was a timber exporting company.

On the question of the identity of his brother-in law who he packaged as an environmental activist, he was not sure if he was Abdul Sinnah or Abdul Bundu.

Sorious also claimed in court that in his line of duty it is normal to lie to get what he wants to portray to the world to entrap and deceive is all fair in a day’s work for the great Sorious.  Not at any time did he claim that his goal was truth. The word montage was so bandied around that when Manley Spaine turned in with his assertion of the many lies that Sorious had told, one could easily see the montage of his lies that was piling up.

At a stage in the cross examination, one could see that Sorious was hot under the collar and he was actively examining the rafters and mahogany ceiling of the court room. There were no easy answers coming from the heavens but the eyes of the supplicant were turned upwards.

As if in answers to his prayers, the honorable judge stood the court down for half an hour. The faces of the fans of Sorious Samura were a spectacle to behold. Their idol had been taken to the cleaners and the little smile that was left on his face yesterday was totally gone – replaced by deep sigh of relief.

After the resumption of the court the defendant took ill and the court was again stood down.

When the defendant could not return to the dock the case was adjourned to today, Wednesday 27th June, 2012.

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    Intrapersonal communication is a person’s internal dialogue. It differs in this way from interpersonal communication, which is communication between two or more people. Intrapersonal skills include the ability to master the internal dialogue, and to understand and control one’s behaviors and actions. The time has come for me to share it with people, so they will give their own take on it and see where we will take it to. I want to talk about three things in this small note because it is not an article; the three things that I really want to share are as follows;
    Documentary of Africa Investigate (Timber gate)
    Politico in Sierra Leone
    Corruption: Corruption is a common word which has become a topic of discussion in all areas of life, corner of the world and by all people of the globe.
    Why corruption becomes common?
    Corruption is germinated because of two major factors.
    1) Greed for money and position
    2) The corrupt nature and mentality acquired by birth.
    These are the factors operate and inspire to promote and live in corruption. The corruption is the result of a corrupted mind. Things around are so corrupted and it so easy to get away things which are next impossible to acquire and accomplish. This generally promotes corruption.
    Fruits of corruption: The immediate comforts and positions and fulfillment of dreams of life. Door to enter into the woArld of enjoyment and power. People gets things through shortcut way. Accumulating wealth beyond ability and source is a striking temptation for corruption.
    I had that the government is fighting corruption in SIERRA LEONE that’s good, but who are you fighting the corruption with? Because there is a proverb that says “if you want people to be honest, you should make sure that you clean your house first”, why can’t the government start with their ministers. But it will never happen I know that. Now I want the government (APC) to tell Sierra Leonean the different between them (APC) and SLPP? It is just two sides of the same coin. These two parties are the same people dancing to the tone of any part that got power for that moment, that’s what we call GREED.
    Documentary of Africa Investigate (Timber gate)
    To start with, I most first of all say thanks to Dr. Sylvia for taken her time energy to sit and look in to these documentary of Sorious Samara’s timber gate investigate. There is one big problem we have in our country that’s we judge too quick on matters the gravity of the talk and there is nothing like patience in our mind. Now let look at these so call timber gate investigate; taken in to consideration the guy in question Mr. Momoh Kemoh Konte; it should have been nice for some people to know first before they make any judgment about him. Let me just tell you a bit about this guy. Mr. Momoh Kemoh Konte, a Sierra Leonean and native of Koinadugu district in the northern part of the Republic of Sierra Leone, and he came from one of the most prominent family in Koinadugu the KONTE family.
    This guy is a business man (private) and very resourceful to the people of that country, by this I mean; if we could recalled in 2003/04 this guy (Momoh) help over 30-40 students from Sierra Leone to the U.S to further their education. Can anyone tell or show me any other person in that country that has ever done what this guy did for that country single handedly. Momoh Kemoh Konte will never accept or have a place for corruption. Look at what the guy his doing in his home town or district, helping with education and building schools, what has this government (APC) done for Koinadugu in their five years? Momoh Kemoh Konte is a private business, when I say a business man I mean a really business; Momoh has a very big business in the heart of the capital city (DC) of the super world power America, and he has white guys that are working for him, the building is four block away from the almighty WHITE HOUSE. What this guy have done for Sierra Leone no business man or minister will ever do. I know the timber gate documentary is after something, but trust me there are some big guns that knows about it and they were trying to mess this guy, because they are looking him as a treat that one day he will want to go for the highest position in the country; now you see where I’m coming from GREED.
    Talking about corruption, I want to ask this question “is APC really serious about fighting corruption”? There is a guy in Pademba Road in Freetown opposite the prison yard he is from Makeni, can anyone tell me what kind of business this guy is doing? Can anyone tell me about the rice dealer, the brother of the President where he got his money from and ask him to explain about the ship of rice from Pakistan or India that went out of custom without any custom payment? Momoh Kemoh Konte is the soul body for Koinadugu and the only one that is really with his people and helping them. I’m not attacking anybody here; I just want to share my own view about things in my country.
    Politico in Sierra Leone
    Politico is a Latin term translating as Politician. Essentially it refers to anyone who is a politician, but it also can refer to people active in politics who don’t hold public office. This could include people like fundraisers for politicians, those who campaign on behalf of a politician, or those people who follow politics closely and are passionate about the political system. A politico can also be someone who is involved in the politics of an office, a school, or any workplace. A union member involved in keeping a union going might be a politico. Nevertheless, the amateur politico may play a significant role as unpaid organizers of grassroots movements that garner a candidate more support. The professional politico, a politician or one aspiring to political office, can also urge grassroots movements to fall into line with his/her platform. They may also have success distancing themselves from people who claim to speak for them, but in truth are not employed by them. People are saying that the government is trying and which are some amount of truth in it. My concern is about Koinadugu District, what this government (APC) has done so far for the people of that district. This is a message for all Koinadugu children, let try to speak in one voice and tell this liars that we are not trash or what………; this politicians thinks especially this two useless political parties APC and SLPP let tell them that this time around no one will f********** with us.
    There is something APC government is failing to understand; that without Koinadugu vote it will be very difficult for a party to win, except they ridge the elections. Ask the government of APC what have they done for the people of Koinadugu District, how many ministers do we have none only deputies, are we not educated enough to hold responsible position in the country? And then you want to mess around the only guy that is bringing life in to the district, man if you guy mess with him we will mess you too. But I know this time we will speak in one voice, you know they are planning to use money, look this is the last term for EBK and after that we have nobody to blame but ourselves, we have made our first mistake in the first five years but let don’t do it this time.
    A lele WO la
    Short Boy

    29th June 2012
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    27th June 2012

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