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Sorie Srna Wins World Record Marathon

Sorie Srna Wins World Record Marathon

He beats one in the track lane, now he doubles, it seems a new world record is about to be set here as the world record marathon’s fastest sprinter, Usain Bolt has been outmatched. Yes, I said it, he is now leading by a space breath of 15cm, still Sorie Srna closer to the race’s finish line, – what a record breaker!

It is unbelievable, Sorie Srna has just broken a record title running 100 meters within a breathing space of 5 minute to beat the world’s record title sprinter, Jamaican born, Usain Bolt, also relegating America’s Tyson Gay to a second runner-up position.

Sierra Leone has done it for the first time in history, recording a sprint race with such indelible mark spots of Sorie Srna. Ladies and gentlemen, in a moment we’ll bring you a live interview of the world’s new title holder in the track lane. Now we have him before the cameras, but before we begin the interview let’s inform you that this marathon race is sponsored by Al-Lie-jera, BisBC World Service, ACC et al.

First of all, Sorie Srna , we understand you’re from Sierra Leone where the academics are born and it seems to appear real that they are record breakers in terms of academic degrees more than in sports, take us through your journey to this all important success in the  race?

I have a very fine fitness coach. I should thank him very much because he tossed my speed level to the nearing Liberian border and I flew past the radar scope of the SLP beyond the security thick margins. Thank God I find my way here.

What experiences have you learned from your speedy trials and how much of it you did experiment on before moving to break the record?

I did one in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and the last indoor was in Sierra Leone. You’re specific about my experience; it was all bore-some as I tell lots of lies in the trials over my Dr. of Letters qualification. I even opt for an admission in the Leeds University academy of Montage training and I pulled lots of legs there – you know.

Any reason(s) for your success in this race?

Oh yes, quite a lot. A prophet is not honored in his home town, so I came to England and fastened my skills on how to fast-track my clipping tactics. Even my president is fun of me and by extension he is my fan.

Usain-Bolt and Tyson Gay the men you defeated have been great in this race for some time now, how do you gauge yourself in defeating them?

You don’t need to underestimate the skills of a man who is able to bulldoze major barriers in the sport to beat world record title bearers. You said earlier that Sierra Leone is not known to have good sprinters, but I’ll tell you I’m a very fine art in the game.

We understand you’re set to witness a standing trial in a one to one test case between you and Ke-Morike, a colleague Sierra Leonean in the marathon, what hopes do you have to defeat him as well?

I never can tell. Sometime my energy bank will drain to the level of his advantage. It’s a bridge I’ll cross when I reach there.

How would you like your country to celebrate your victory?

They are supposed to declare a wholesome environmental day, because I’m a lover of the forest.

Any message for Sierra Leoneans?

My message goes like this: love your country; lie to no one, because you’ll be defeated in idiocy and stupidity like I would have been trapped in the trial in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leoneans, if you’re listening, it’s a twin race to eke a living in this world; I have chosen to lead my race in this manner, do yours if you can and bequeath a legacy.

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