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The frequent and alarming rate at which 419ers are now defrauding foreign investors in this country has become a cause for the genuine concern of many well meaning

Accused police constable Anthony Fayia Jabba DPC 1349, attached to the special branch of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters, presently studying at the Njala University, on Monday

Two Congolese nationals, Issac Kele Kele Kasomgu and Benjamin Muyombo residing at the Taia Rosort Hotel, Aberdeen, were apprehended on Tuesday following a report made against them by

London, UK - A gang of con men stole more than £2m from the Olympic Development Authority by pretending to work for a building firm, a court has

Magistrate Wellington of Court 2 yesterday granted Le 350M bail fraudsters Alhaji Dauda Alimamy aka 50 Pound, and Julius Augustine Richardson who stand as accused for obtaining monies

Sierra Express Media has received challengeable comments from 419ers calling the pronouncement of IG Munu in his endeavours to have fraudsters incarcerated or caged in cells at Central

The newly dressed Police Inspector General, Francis Munu, we are told, has robust plans to go after con artists who rest their all  on the fleecing of monies

Allegation over what the police say was 'kidnapping of an Irish man' (name withheld) has revealed extreme overindulgences of state officers attached to the office of the President

Since that awful incident and nightmare two weeks ago of the 419er I have continued to receive messages from various contacts. It would appear that quite a few