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May 2012

The people of Bumban, in the Biriwa Limba Chiefdom, Bombali District have pledged their unflinching support to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.  (Cross section of community members at

12:00pm: Thanks everyone for reading and commenting – and here’s to a win for Bayern Munchen next Saturday. No refund necessary… 11:56am Sometimes sports can be just like a movie and this was really one finish to a

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Sheka Tarawalie, has told the International Telecommunications Union's Annual Regional Development Forum for Africa held in Kigali, Rwanda, that "later this year, Sierra Leone will join and enjoy

Interview with Juliana Rotich, a leading African voice on tech Growing up in her native Kenya, Juliana Rotich (in photo) was the lonely, young “geek” with oversized glasses at school. Today she is a highly successful

Sierra Leone’s agricultural transformation has continued to attract experts in the continent who have demonstrated a very strong desire to come and learn how the post–war nation has been able to put together impressive agricultural

As you approach the Lake Chad basin from Nigeria, the evidence of despair is telling. The air is dusty, the wind is fierce and unrelenting, the plants are wilting and the earth is turning into

Addis Ababa, 11 May 2012 – The Deputy Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Mr. Erastus Mwencha congratulated the Directorate of Information and Communication (DIC) and AFRO 105.3 FM Radio for establishing a vital

The name Mustapha Massaquoi, commonly known as “Staffay”, is not being trumpeted within the APC party but that should not be surprising, given the fact that the man who carries this name has always enjoyed

It was a day our APC friends had thought would never come and some possibly prayed not to come. The day a former military head of state showed his credentials why he wanted to be

I was part of a delegation that recently met the Deputy Director-General for African Affairs at the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zheng Zhuqiang.  After beautiful exchanges and discussions between him and the Ambassador of Sierra Leone

More controversy has risen on the KPMG leaked audit report following recent developments that the 65 pages report was not actually a draft but a final printout. It is said that the auditing firm did

Sierra Leone's parliament has just enacted one of the most progressive legal aid laws in Africa—with an innovative approach to providing access to justice for all that will reinforce the rule of law in a

Airtel’s Managing Director, RVS Bhullar (in photo), yesterday at the Ministry of Information and Communication weekly press briefing cleared the air on the issue of their network outages of late in Sierra Leone saying the

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hindolo Trye (in photo), in a press briefing told a battery of journalists that the problem between employers and employees will only be reduced when Labour Congress employs

The Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Force (SLP) Francis Alieu Munu, in an exclusive interview with Sierra Express Media said that he is very much concerned over the increase in road accidents across