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For Exposing Illicit Mining VPs Errand Boy Threatens to Kill Journalist

For Exposing Illicit Mining VPs Errand Boy Threatens to Kill Journalist

One of Vice President Sam-Sumana’s main errand boys in Kono District, Councilor Aiah Henry Fomba, has threatened to kill Tatafway Tumoe, a native of Kono District, and deputy editor of Sierra Express Media, after an article about uncontrollable diamond mining activities in Kono, saying the media man will show who gave him the name of his source in Kono or “face the trouble of hell.”

Mr. Tumoe had in a recent article in Sierra Express Media exposed illicit town mining operations nefariously carried out in Yengema where Fomba is Councillor. The report had exposed Councilor Aiah Fomba, the town chief of Yengema, Kono District Chairman John Yambasu, as well as Chief Denton Bona, paramount chief of Nimikoro chiefdom where Yengema is located for either their complicity or their refusal to take action.

Sierra Express Media last week reported about a flurry of illicit town mining going on the township of Yengema by so-called authorities in the name of Vice President Sam-Sumana, which it seems, has exposed a very high level mafia that hinges on the very destruction of Kono District for personal and greedy gains.

It also appears that Fomba, who is the foot soldier in the act has been pushed to the front to carry out threats on the life of a journalist that is only doing his job of public interest as against vile and egocentric aggrandizement of a few people purporting to be representing the interest of the very people unreservedly surge to destroy.

In a recorded spurt of attack on the journalist, Aiah Fomba did not mince the ploy of his cabal to harm the Deputy Editor as he in an uncontrolled burst revealed “you as a Kono man could afford to tell the whole world about something your Vice President (also a Kono man) and elders of the land are involved in; you are definitely going to pay for this with your life anytime you step foot on this land”. He fumed: “you should be the one covering up for anything you see that is the VP’s interest, and I have spoken to him about this and he and our Chiefs here are so much angry with you. You will see what happens to you in the due course.”

“For now just consider yourself banished from this land because we have held a meeting for you, the day you show your face here, you be sorry,” Fomba shouted in the phone.

Councillor Fomba went on to “anybody who embraces the our VP will be damned; you certainly do not know what you guys are playing with if you don’t have anything positive to write about Kono, stop your journalism but it seems you have gone too far with this not knowing that someone very influential (the VP) is involved.

The story Sierra Express published title “Town Mining In Kono” reported activities of councilors and paramount Chiefs having tie with the Vice President illegally Mining everywhere in the township of Yengema in the Name of Vice President Sam-Sumana.

Meanwhile reports are that Councilor Fomba leads a group of Thugs in the District threatening and intimidating and sometime brutalizing the lives of other miners and diamonds merchants in the name of the Vice President.  Recently according to impeccable sources, the said group tortured boys believed to have been in possession of seed diamonds and refused to tender it to the group who said they were working on the order of the Vice President of the Republic. After serious beating and battering, the boys were abandoned in the Street half dead. Innocent miners it revealed are now in fear of this outburst of thuggery that has taken over the mining affairs in the District. The recently released diamond ferrous tailings in the District is said to also be in limbo as authorities posing to be representing government interest reserve the productive areas in the tailings and sell the ordinary sand to the general public for whom the tailings were released.

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