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Police woman beater compensated

Police woman beater compensated

It came as a shocking news to many Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad when we learned that the Inspector General of Police Brima Acha Kamara (in photo)  is working hard to compensate one of Sierra Leone’s notorious woman beaters, the suspended Director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone police Chief Superintendent Musa Lippia for a job well done. Early this month Lappia was suspended from the Sierra Leone police after he violently mistreated his boss’s wife Mrs Munu, the wife of Assistant Inspector General of Police Francis Munu. But sources within the police say Brima Acha is about to compensate the woman beater Musa Lappia by assigning him to lead the Sierra Leone contingent  that will soon leave the country on a peace keeping mission to Sudan.

The million dollar question that is yet to be answered by Acha is how can he assign such a violent   Sierra Leonean on a peace keeping mission to Sudan in the name of representing Sierra Leone? And how would Acha compensate Lappia if while in Sudan he ends up beating the wife of Sudan’s president Omar Hassan al-Bashir?.

Such an unfortunate incident has never happened in the history of the Sierra Leone police even during the days of late wicked Bambay Kamara as Inspector General of police. But it is believed that with such attitudes the lawless Lappia will surely receive justice in the hands of one of Sudan’s rebel groups the Justice for Equality Movement (JEM) who will teach him a lesson for life.

Many Sierra Leoneans have described the situation as unfortunate and viewed the appointment of Lappia as digging a disgraceful grave to bury the integrity of our beloved Sierra Leone. According to Moses Mansaray a Sierra Leonean based in United States, the Human Right violator Musa Lappia could have been taught a bitter lesson that would always remind him of his responsibility to respect women. Mr. Mansaray warned the other senior police officers to be very careful because it is still not very clear as to which officer’s wife Lappia would beat again before leaving Sierra Leone.

Esther King another Sierra Leonean based in the United Kingdom has raised some concerns about the safety of women in Sierra Leone. Madam King said if in Sierra Leone today a police can beat the wife of his boss with impunity then what will happen if they turn against the ordinary civilians of our country. Madam King said this ugly situation never happened during the days of Bambay Kamara as Inspector General of the police. Madam King asked why is the Sierra Leone police said to be a force for good when it is now engaged in beating women? She called on both local and International Human Rights Organisations to intervene and help restore the respect of Mrs. Munu who is still responding to treatment after being physically brutalised.

Many people usually say silence means consent but in this case the AIG Francis Munu is silent because he feels disappointed over the action of Brima Acha Kamara who could have empowered him to discipline the Sierra Leone’s Mike Tyson, Musa Lappia. It is also believed that this ugly incident has also eroded the trust of the people for the Sierra Leone police. Over the years the police was mostly known to be corrupt but if now they are also becoming brutal then it’s a cause for concern.

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