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Le 3.8 Billion devolved to Councils

Le 3.8 Billion devolved to Councils

This week, the Ministry Of Finance And Economic Development has announced for the information of the general public that the Government of Sierra Leone has remitted a total amount of Le 3,871,200,000 to the Bank Accounts of Local Councils to help in the implementation of the country’s health care package.

The amount according the Finance Ministry represents payment for health devolved functions for the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2010 to local councils in the different parts of the country. With the disbursement of such an exorbitant amount it is anticipated that they recipients involved would use these funds judiciously to meet President’s goal of free health care policy. But on the contrary, since the launch of this laudable intention by Ernest Koroma on April, 27th, 2010, it has been featured by drug thefts and unnecessary extortion of money from poor pregnant women and lactating mothers who are direct beneficiaries of the health care policy unscrupulous health workers who charged with the responsibility of implementing the free health care policy.

As the free health care policy is launched, tangible news has reached Sierra Express Media about theft of drugs and extortion of money from the target beneficiaries around the country. This medium has been reliably informed about the unethical practice of health authorities of reputable positions in society. While this theft of drugs menace is on the rampage in hospitals around the country, the baffling question that is yet to be unravelled is that how medicines including syrups and blood in the custody of authorities could be found in the streets for sale?

Signs are everywhere that indicate the relentless sabotage of President Koroma’s health care policy. In an open interview conducted by this SEM reporter with one lactating mother at the Princess Christian Maternity Home (PCMH) on Fourah Bay Road, she related that in the midst of other pregnant women that their plight of enjoying the free medical care has not been met at all. Mary told SEM that “President Koroma has really tried to alleviate their suffering, but the manner in which his health care plan is been executed, it is obvious that implementers are sabotaging his Agenda for Change,” she said with disappointment beaming her face.

Instances of theft drug cases are being aired on the radio on a daily basis. Immediately after the launch of the free health care policy, a teenager of 15 was nabbed by the police along Fourah Bay Road selling 9 bottles of syrups believed to be medicine of newly launched health care policy.

At the disbursement of these huge sums of money to those that are concerned to meticulously make judicious use of the money for its targeted goal. Councils are however informed that payments for the other devolved functions will be made only to those Councils that meet the pre-conditions for these transfers.

Also Payment of School fees subsidy for third term will only be made to Councils that submit returns in respect of Second term payment of School fees subsidy.

Thus, this time around, Government has categorically made it clear that funds for the other devolved functions will only be given to deserving councils that met its intended plans in meeting the Agenda for Change.

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