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The politics of revenge!

The politics of revenge!

The trending political vicious circle of revenge is sending a huge cloud of apprehension and threat to the survival of peace and democracy in a country that flows with milk and honey – endowed with huge reserves of valuable natural resources. Making vengeance as the mainstay of our political domain dampens the chances for unity and development to thrive; national cohesion will indeed continue to shrink in amazing proportions. This ugly pathway of governance needs to be stamped out without further delay.

The current Bio-led SLPP ‘Paopa’ administration visibly embarks on a mission to settle scores with the previous Koroma-led APC regime, whose following and membership now profess to also retaliate with greater anger and bitterness anytime they come back to power; a kind of ‘do-me ar do-you’ political game ball.

Both political parties have traded accusations and counter-accusations of intimidation and unlawful termination of perceived opposing operatives across the political divide.

We are mindful of the debilitating consequences of such a way of politics in a small country with a low population woven with inter-marriages and family ties. It is generally accepted and common practice that South-easterners, mainly of the Mende tribe, have a taste for women from the north, mainly Themne. On the other hand, guys from the north have a passion for Mende women; and this has characterized inter-marriages between the two main ethnic groups in the country. But for reasons of privacy, we would have been obliged to cite contemporary instances to prove the point.

This fine thread of brotherhood and unity has always been overshadowed and eroded by political sentiments which ironically deepen division and disunity; President Bio has of course justified this in his last ‘media tour’, as a matter of fact and common parlance.

Our fear is to not let this trend lead to yet another crisis that will result in political instability and hate. We are drawing the attention of the international community and development partners to guard against the country sliding into deeper waters of the trending political vicious circle.

We strongly believe that only when the ambers of revenge are put off that good governance and the rule of law will prevail for the good of all Sierra Leoneans, irrespective of colour, tribe, creed and region.

By Abdul Kuyateh

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