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Deplorable Salaries Constitute A Gross Human Rights Violation!

Deplorable Salaries Constitute A Gross Human Rights Violation!

The bulk of the Sierra Leone population thinks only politicians deserve quality life while the ordinary masses who make up more than 90% of the people are supposed to remain bereaved of the basic necessities of life.

Corruption starts with the payment of low salaries that do not allow workers to afford minimum decent living conditions.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the people of Sierra Leone do not know that paying workers starvation salaries is a blatant human rights violation!

In normal countries, Labour Unions make strong mobilizations to fight for workers’ rights and better conditions of service.

Labour unionism has died in Sierra Leone donkey years ago with the advent of sycophancy and the quest for individual survival.

Sierra Leone pays the lowest salaries in the world which explains why we have the lowest standard of living in the globe.

Paying someone a salary that doesn’t allow him to afford the basic necessities of life for up to 2 weeks in the month is nothing other than a human rights violation.

The elected MPs are not oblivious of the total squalor in which workers live in the country. But instead, they advocated for pay rise for MPs instead of talking on behalf of those who elected them.

How long will it take for our people to understand that the tribe and region of the leader are irrelevant to them. It’s their welfare that matters under any administration.

The standard of living of the ordinary masses doesn’t improve no matter the party that is in power.

For anyone to afford minimum decent living conditions, he must join the political bandwagon.

Most workers take home around Le 600,000 which is far below $100.00.

What work do politicians do in the interest of the masses and the country to deserve better living conditions than everybody?

Sincerely speaking, workers in Sierra Leone have been victims of years of explorations  and  abuses.

Our abundant natural resources have never reflected our standard of living.

Our minerals have brought us chronic poverty and bad luck.

By Atomic Pen

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