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Sarah Bendu Suffocates Deputy

Sarah Bendu Suffocates Deputy

The Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, Dr. Sarah Bendu, stands accused for allegedly suffocating and victimizing the Deputy Executive Director of the institution, Senesie Jannie Tarawally (London Jet).

According to allegations, Dr. Bendu, is making life impossible for her deputy who she has now reduced to a complete nonentity. Since their appointments at the institution, the duo have endured a very bitter working relationship as a result of Dr. Bendu’s refusal to accord the young man what is rightfully his.

In a letter written by Mr. Senesie Tarawally, the Deputy Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Maritime Administration, to the Chief Minister, Professor David Francis, he explained that since their last meeting, which was called to settle their differences, his relationship with his boss went from bad to worse adding that the Executive Director, Dr. Bendu, has only accomplished a fraction of the agreement they had last week.

He further disclosed that he was only given a cheque for his October salary last week which as at press time, has still not been cleared adding that his boss has completely challenged the authority of the Chief Minister, the Minister of Transport and Aviation and the Secretary to the President.

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Below is the letter written by Mr. Senesie Tarawally: 

‘’The Chief Minister

Office of the President

State House


Dear Chief Minister,


Since our last meeting sir, my BOSS, the Executive Director was given specific tasks to execute before our next scheduled meeting. I am sorry to advise that our relationship went from bad to worse and she only accomplished a fraction of our agreement last week……..

A cheque for my October salary was only given to me last week but it has still not been cleared yet. I have also been given my job description.

My office has been partially done. The Executive Director has not approved the payment to complete my office refurbishment; as a result the work was stalled.

My rent payment and other benefits have been agreed in principle but nothing has been approved as we speak.

The job description and Executive Director’s signature is welcome…… But any job comes with responsibilities and clearly defined obligations….

No job can be reasonably executed without adequate resources and support

The Executive Director must immediately authorise in writing the release of the handover documents from the previous regime and also direct the relevant departments to provide me with a financial audit of the department, assets inventory and details of all contractual agreements entered into with 3rd parties

The Executive Director must in writing establish a clear communication channel via email or other methods to ensure that I am updated on a regular basis on all operational matters

The Executive Director must also give an undertaking in writing to provide me with details of the current financial budget of the Maritime Administration and ensure that I am added to the signature list for financial/banking transactions…. Class A

Without the above undertakings and understanding I cannot discharge my lawfully mandated role.

The Executive Director has failed to implement the agreed job description by putting in place a series of measures to ensure continuity of service in her absence. This is a direct challenge to the authority of the Chief Minister, the Minister Of Transport and Aviation and his Permanent Secretary and the Secretary to the President in his capacity as Head of the Civil Service

The job description is about empowering me to act as her deputy….

Which means that I have access to:

  • Resources
  • Information
  • Effective communication

The question I want to pose is:

In your absence madam executive director, do I have all what I need to ensure that the Maritime Administration continues to function effectively?

The job description is very clear…

What isn’t clear and needs clarification is the resources and information required to enable me to discharge and execute my responsibilities….

If I do not receive:

  1. Handover documents
  2. Regular communication and consultation
  3. Access to operational information
  4. Knowledge on ongoing contractual agreements
  5. Access to financial information including being made signatory to the accounts

Then I can’t reasonably discharge my duties in line with the job description

Yours sincerely,

Senesie Jannie Tarawally

Deputy Executive Director Sierra Leone Maritime Administration



  • Secretary To The President, Office Of the President
  • Secretary to the Vice President, Office of the Vice President
  • The Minister, Ministry of Transport and Aviation
  • The Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport and Aviation
  • The Financial Secretary, Ministry Of Finance
  • The Auditor General
  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry Of Transport and Aviation
  • The Board Chairman, Sierra Leone Maritime Administration
  • The Executive Director, Sierra Leone Maritime Administration’’

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara 

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