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Is UK Amb. Belgrove A Diplomatic Envoy Or Psycho-Analytical Study Subject?

Is UK Amb. Belgrove A Diplomatic Envoy Or Psycho-Analytical Study Subject?

Diplomatic exile and estrangement are hard for anyone to fathom, but more so for UK Ambassador David Belgrove (in photo) whose posting to Liberia  has become a Sisyphean task which has motivated the envoy to rebel against his masters in the UK and endeavour to redefine himself and redeem his ignominious past through a West Africa-centric economic criminal paradigm textured by criminal associations and associations with criminals, the majority unprosecutable UK villains as the Sable Mining Cartel – who nearly brought down the Government of Liberia, headed by Phil Edmonds and Andrew Groves, and the Capital Alternatives cartel whose grouping include Robert McKendrick, who was until his arrest, his late night claret drinking partner at Monrovia’s diplomatic quarters.  The Ambassador’s activities, which are certain to bring about his recall, are currently being debated back in London at the FCO and by scrutiny committees of the UK Parliament.

What really unloosened the envoy’s screws, was his rejection from the vital core of performing UK diplomats, which was the raison d’être for his exile to Liberia – that was a direct result of his apocalyptic failures of judgment, whose inception trail developed in Czech Republic, fomented in Afghanistan and concluded in Sudan. These errors of judgment  rankled UN, FCO and other report readers because lives, security and even asylum decisions hinged on his reports and dispatches which rankled his bosses in Kabul, Khartoum, but chiefly London and amounted to sabotage or at least misfeasance in public office.

For example, back in Afghanistan, Ambassador Belgrove, then a pen pusher analyst for the UK Embassy’s narcotic programme, so irked his confreres at the Counter Narcotics Task Force (CNTF), Mr Wankel and UNODC Antonio Costa, with his improbable unsupported data sets of opium cultivation eradication success, that a serious consideration emerged that Ambassador Belgrove was cut and pasting from the Taliban-sourced, notoriously unreliably reports of the Badakhshan Governor. In the end, many millions of dollars later, Belgrove’s efforts expanded poppy production in Afghanistan and the narcotics industry and narco-trading which finance anti-government operations have brought the Taliban to Kabul. This mismanagement was so infuriating, that when Belgrove got his OBE, an award of chivalry in the UK, astonished colleagues opined it stood for Order of Buffoonery and Enterism referring to his madcap capers as CIG in Afghanistan rather than Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

After this appalling lack of success, back in Khartoum, Sudan, Ambassador Belgrove was given another chance to manage straightforward programmes at the High Commission and perform the usual information collection for dispatches and varied ministry responses including the Home Office. However, it soon became clear to the FCO, that the unkind snide comments circulating, the origin of which was his military colleague ‘whirling; Dervish Irish Guard officer Melotte, were in fact, totally founded in fact and a further indictment of phantasmorgiac Belgrove.  His forays into tourism that encompassed contacting travel companies in the UK to bolster tourism to ‘Black pharaohs’ sites in Sudan, from the UK to a terrorist republic so repulsed the Ministry of Defence back in Whitehall, that FCO crafted a management script to Ambassador Belgrove’s boss, the sober Mr. Peter Tibber, HC.  This’ last chance saloon’ assignment  for Ambassador Belgrove was so simple in its intended architecture, that a Third Secretary could have pieced together the requirements for Sur Place reports within 5 minutes, let alone months. Basically, Belgrove had reams of court cases derived from the UK Immigration Service of asylum seekers from Sudan claiming that they would get persecuted or killed, etc if they were sent back to Sudan. The angry then Deputy Ambassador Belgrove, diverted from his main hobby, culinary delights and claret, which led to his bulimia nervosa condition, sought to fudge the requirements of his Government by virtue of 94 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002, requiring accurate reports of threat risks to refugees and asylum seekers if returned, provided a litany of totally inaccurate reports through the FCO routed for the UK Home Office that painted the oppressive security services there as the Sudanese National Intelligence Service and lesser known organs of investigation under President Bashir’s office, as almost harmless, juvenile entities with no capacity or wherewithal to track, interdict, intercept Sudan’s enemies including asylum seekers. These horrific assessments, were so negligent in their scope and referred to non-existent or self-financed sources – i,e. Newspaper articles planted by his UK NGO grouping drinking cronies, that Ambassador Belgrove was again identified as a  major liability. In fact, according to sources, people deported from the UK who disappeared in Sudan were all missing as a direct consequence of Ambassador Belgrove’s sickening dispatches. The Security Bureaus in Khartoum were delighted and loved Belgrove because his performance was almost as if he was their recruitment as his output was a truly fudged account of the realism and brutality of the East German & Russian trained security sector. And besides why bother tracking dissidents in the UK when Belgrove’s reports would put these individuals on a plane back to their waiting hands?

Back to Liberia, where Ambassador Belgrove thought he would behave like a trade envoy, in his non-informed mercantile perspective, believed he could engage with one or more ECOWAS emerging markets where substantial trade and investment opportunities had been identified – namely mining and energy. Energy was donor led and Ambassador Belgrove thought that by developing economic intelligence on opportunities in mining he could conceive that his reports to FCO on opportunities for the UK extractive industry, would endear him as he approached his twilight years as a failed envoy. However his approach, though deliberate, exposed his true, self centered intentions – to enrich himself unlawfully. His failure in rational choice and game theory, led him to hob knob with some of the UK’s major fraudsters, Andrew Groves, Phil Edmonds and Robert McKendrick. In fact, the Ambassador drank so much claret with some of them, that he and his guests smashed claret on the walls of the British Embassy residence bellowing in laughter as the fraud cartel outlined their economic sabotage schemes of both Liberia and Sierra Leone. Now this is so serious that when the schemes discussed with Ambassador Belgrove actually materialised, developed into frauds and reaped benefits short changing our two West African countries economies and peoples of millions of dollars, Ambassador Belgrove’s associations turned criminal in their support, encouragement, association and assistance to UK fraud cartels. That assistance included numerous telephone calls to Robert McKendrick, Capital Trading fraud cartel member found guilty of a £16.9 million pound fraud by the UK FCA in March this year- whilst Mr McKendrick was in custody at CID HQ, Sierra Leone using a smuggled phone. It included assistance through the UK High Commission liaison Freetown through 4 calculated consular visits to secure the release of fraudster McKendrick who then escaped Sierra Leone.  What exposed the Ambassador was his ejection of a British family from the Embassy in Monrovia who had been physically threatened and stalked by hirelings of his criminal associates. That British family then sought sanctuary at the Embassy of Sweden, Liberia and EC Mission, which the UK Ambassador in his quest to hide the truth, interfered with a process that was criminal and furthered the scrutiny of his office by other countries. In fact, the fraud cartels’ economic plans, which had the Ambassador reported the meetings correctly to his FCO, could have been thwarted as fraud and corruption of public individuals. Moreover, in furtherance of the Ambassador’s trend in deviant behaviour, his Mission’s knowledge of the fraud cartels he drunk all night with, included the plan to subvert the natural conservation areas of our countries for financial gain by UK iron ore mining companies and fraudsters, which the Ambassador to Sweden, Liberia,  is still studying.

In the meantime, shamefully, the UK family he ousted from the Embassy in Liberia is still in hiding without any assistance by conniving-with- fraudsters Ambassador, to render them effective sanctuary and consular assistance.  The Ambassador’s days are numbered – we learn from UK high level sources that his pension rights and patronage hopes, make the former High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Peter Penfold’s disgrace by the British Establishment look like a scouts day out. 

Research & Analysis By: Ibrahim Alusine Kamara 

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