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Big APC Demolition at Dwarack Farm

Big APC Demolition at Dwarack Farm

On Friday 14th May 2010 at about 10 am in the morning, the residents of George Brook, Dwarzack Farm centre of Freetown around the peninsula and the Metropolitan Police of the Freetown City Council locked horns because of the serious demolition which took place  on that day, which did not go down well with both community leaders and youths.

In an exclusive interview, Sierra Express Media questioned the Estate Officer of Freetown City Council Mr. Ahamed  Bangura who said the council had sensitized the entire country about this demolition and not only Dwarzack Farm is going to experience this demolition as it is going to continue with the entire city, stating the reasons of embarking on this demolition, he said the Sixty Kilometer road project which government had been  announcing to the entire nation, which is to expand all Sixty Kilometer Roads leading  to certain areas in the city including Dwarzack and other places which are on the map. Therefore, before taking this venture he said they did enough sensitization both over print and electronic media so that all citizens can be informed about the demolition before it took place but it seems that people don’t respect authority, he said.

Mr. Ahamed M. Bangura further revealed that all the booths that are built along the street leading to Dwarzack Farm are purely within the government demarcated area, as the place is made for developmental programme such as to build market, toilets and other community development central for the entire community.

Moreover, Mr. Bangura explained that the council workers noticed the people of Dwarzack Farm, over two months ago, but the decided not to comply with the Law. He said the demolition issue is not a secret matter to the entire country, and all stakeholders, councilor and Honorable of the ward know about the operation, in fact it would be a surprise to know that these same was told yesterday again that all those who are residing along the road side leading to Dwarzack should remove all their belonging before they become affected with the demolition, but nobody paid attention to them, thinking that the council was not effective and efficient, in fact the demolition should not commence. He finally said that the exercise is going to continue until they accomplish their goal in terms of development.

Concern of the indigenous resident at Dwarzack community and its surroundings throws a serious dismay about the issue of demolishing buildings that have been there since when the past government was in power, but today it is a disappointment to the entire community as they were the ones who were running under sun and rain to restore the All Peoples Congress (APC) who was kicked out of power since 1994 by the National Provisional Ruling Council ( NPRC), said Marie Sesay, but today they have turned against us.

Marie said the notice given to them was not enough, because they have spent more than 20 years selling along that road, expecting that they should have not been their targeted group as is hard explained to those who are not in support of them.

Sorie Sampha Koroma added his voice to Sierra Express Media, ‘The Metropolitan police were performing their national duty and there is no need to blame them over the several houses brought down by the Metropolitan police from City Council,” he said “but not withstanding, if it is only in the interest of development then, they should do what they have been asked to do. 

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