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That ‘Okada’ Riders Demo

That ‘Okada’ Riders Demo

In as much as Okada riders (bike riders) are clamoring for freedom to ply the streets of Freetown, they must also know that it does not warrant them to ride recklessly as such that it might eventually lead to putting the lives of other road users on the road at risk. However, it is vital to note here that in an active bid to ease the acute short of transportation and traffic congestion around the city; reckless bike riders have in countless number of times killed and wounded scores of Freetown pedestrians.

On a daily basis, the number of bike accidents reported in our various police stations and hospitals around the city is a cause for worrying concern. The reckless and unqualified riders manipulating these Honda machines have ended up taking multiple innocent lives in the streets of Freetown. In recent times, ‘Okada’ accidents have become a common scene in the city.

Nevertheless, in an urgent effort to investigate the cause of these increasing ‘Okada’ road accidents, some members of the public have confirmed to this that most of these bikes around are owned by members of the police force – those that are charged with the responsibility of arresting these recalcitrant riders and in this vein, some members of the public have also concluded that, ‘probably, this could reason for this Okada menace in the city.

This is because, laws binding ‘Okada’ riders are been flouted by the very law enforcers. Thus, efforts to curb this fatal situation have become a very difficult task to be executed by the police.

One of such efforts of using a safety-helmet by both riders and passengers has been flouted with unchecked impunity. Seemingly, the unconnected hand of the police in the booming ‘Okada’ business has frustrated and hindered the efforts made in curtailing the increase of ‘Okada’ accidents. In that light, it is clear that, one cannot remove specks from others eye when you have log in your own eye.

That ‘Okada’ ‘Protest for Freedom’ to roam the streets is a right in the right direction, but it must be guided by punitive measures in order to minimize the number of accidents around the city.

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