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Watermelon Politics to Silence Maada Bio

Watermelon Politics to Silence Maada Bio

The politics of double standards dubbed ‘watermelon’ politics is once again facing the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP); this time around casting its awful spell on Julius Maada Bio; one of the forerunners of the SLPP flagship.

The now apparently popular candidate for the SLPP in the 2012 election Julius Maada Bio is very apparently going to head for an inevitable crash in the 2012 election as signs in the present political game in the country indicate.

The self styled and Trojan double coupist NPRC Head of State now seems to have comfortably emerged as a possible winner of the coming SLPP Flagbearership, a situation that is very much lucid and more than apparent that he is heading for a failing venture in the 2012 general elections.

Whilst it is very clear that the man is very much part of the hated folks and players of double standards in the country’s political history of the dark days of the NPRC junta, Maada Bio seems to be very much paranoid and unrealistic of the fact that the people are sitting in the dark awaiting the opportunity to get back at any one of those that contributed to hold back the development and progress of the nation in the gulling eleven year old brutal and reckless war.

Whilst it seems the junta oriented leader is coming out strongly in the coming 2012 election as the SLPP flag bearer, many indications show that “the man is bound to head for the crash” a concerned civil Society activist told this press in a visit last Friday.

One of the lines of reasoning indicates that there is absolutely no chance for someone in the likes of Maada Bio to lead this country against the obvious and tremendous popularity of the President of the Republic Ernest Bai Koroma under the All People’s Congress ticket.

“It is in no way possible for someone in such reputable mess be in opposition to the immeasurable popularity of Ernest Bai Koroma and survive” a youth political activist of the SLPP flagship of Bio was able to tell this media.

Some members of civil society in the country are also of the opinion that Sierra Leone politics have now been turned into an issue of two running terms for a given popular candidate and that it is obvious therefore that Koroma must complete his second term to square up with the present political operandi in the country.

The killer factor for Maada Bio according to analysts is that he is not going to have the second chance to run for the SLPP once he fails against Ernest Koroma in 2012 as per the provisions of the Sierra Leone People’s Party constitution. “This will be the greatest hurdle for Maada Bio to cross after the coming apparent loss in the 2012 election” the SPP young generation member told Sierra Express Media.

Whilst all this is at play, it is strongly believed that all what Julius Maada Bio is doing in aspiring for the SLPP Flaqbearership is posing to be “THE MAN” whilst the actual fact is that he is intending on using the SLPP Flagbearership to gain financial strength for his many failed investments in Ghana and elsewhere.  

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  • Untill PMDC and SLPP marge as a single party the APC will have the upper hands in 2012. so be wise to see these two parties are join together otherwise APC is back to the seat in 2012

    2nd June 2010
  • Just to allay the fairs of both the civil society activist and the SLPP young gen. member, BIO is a Presidential material with all the know-how and requisite credentials to lead Salone, NPRC coup was a blessing, they either take it or leave it, thugs shall get what they deserve(no man has monopoly over violence) in order to ensure the security of our votes, we shall accept no vioding game without sufficient, i repeat sufficient evidence the last but not least is to prove your unnecesary claim to with all respect due him,President Koroma’s popularity.

    18th May 2010

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