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Massive Fraud On Donor Funds In Sierra Leone & Liberia Welt Hunger Hilfe Implicated

Massive Fraud On Donor Funds In Sierra Leone & Liberia Welt Hunger Hilfe Implicated

PART II – Readers will recall from the previous article (sierraexpressmedia.com/?p=83514) that a team of investigative journalists in Sierra Leone and indeed Liberia, are exposing how donor money  earmarked for our countries development  is literally stolen before our eyes by alchemist NGOs. Alchemist NGOs believe gold can be mined from stealing donor funds and diverting it for their purposes with perfunctory interventions in a country to cover their tracks.  According to the investigative team’s findings, Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH), a major alchemist NGO, facing both fraud investigations at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) case reference number OC/2018/0179 and the European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg for dwindling millions of Euros from a quasi-complicit governance regime that is the European Commission and National Authorising Offices (NAO). File copies, of course, are on deposit with Sierra Leone’s new Attorney General, Charles Margai.  In addition, whilst the local Parliament in Bonn, Germany, Landtag NRW and National German Parliament, Bundestag relevant Committees were provided with evidential files against the German NGO, the defence to the allegations by the alchemist NGO were far from golden. Witnesses are numerous and affidavits seen, appear to be deponed by several senior EC former experts and even WHH staff naming names including senior GOSL officials and detailing absolutely deplorable events criminally conducted by WHH jointly and severally with others against the people of Sierra Leone.

In point of fact, Welt Hunger Hilfe’s strategy to conceal it’s litany of  theft of European (EC, KrF, German Cooperation) tax payers and other money is to pervert the course of justice by threatening journalists investigating WHH’s pervasive, collaborative and most serious crimes.  The sophistication – if you can call it that – of their defence strategy is basically a combination of threats of physical violence to journalists telephonically as cited in Sierra Leone National CID case reference C/RHIC 98/18 and second, ‘lobbying’ of senior Government employees in Sierra Leone and Liberia in a blatant attempt to cajole public leaders into taking action against the investigative journalists. This neo-colonialist manoeuvre, textured by WHH’s racist mentality, takes the completely erroneous viewpoint that their host Governments in Sierra Leone and Liberia are ready agents to be remote-controlled into the perverting of the course of justice!

For example, the investigative Journalist team in Liberia, formally headed by International Criminal Court Advocate and journalist, Cephus Syrenius Sayma – now a Minister in the pro-poor Government of  President George Weah, was systematically bullied by WHH’s criminal intimidators at their Monrovia offices headed by the notorious Johan Vandekamp,  in an attempt to bully the gentleman into withdrawing a factual revelation in Liberia’s press that 30 Million Euros earmarked for the people of the south east of Liberia, namely  EULAP EC grant from budget line FEDF-BFEDF-02.10.01-11-LR and KRF bank/German Cooperation grant amount of Euros 15.4 million, was being diverted from the Liberian people beneficiaries,   in an unsavoury partnership that is a collection of NGOs including OXFAM.  The  factual article revealed that over 15 million euros was earmarked by WHH and OXFAM for ‘sexual gender based violence’   education of Liberian girls – a surprising partnership of a German alchemist NGO WHH with the convicted sexual predator OXFAM, who pioneered sexual gender based violence against our unwitting brothers and sisters in Haiti amongst other locations.

The energetic ‘defence team’ a loose, criminal partnership of WHH country directors in Sierra Leone and Liberia were, it is understood, instructed by public relations-wise WHH President Barbel Dieckmann, to rampage, ministry by ministry in Liberia, to instruct senior public officials that if the aforementioned article, published in Liberia’s free and democratic press, was not withdrawn, they, WHH would quit Liberia! This should not be confused with their exit strategy post-projects ripping off the public. The intimidation of a Government Minister by threat and coercion for a factual article published by a journalist in a free and democratic press pre the journalist’s joining Liberia’s pro-poor Government of George Weah, is a terrorist methodology reminiscent of the Baader-Meinhof years in WHH’s Germany.

The journalist team’s investigation in Liberia revealed that WHH had gathered over 52 Million Euros of mainly European tax payers money for interventions for which the only memento were a string of defunct Indian Mark II water pumps strewn across Liberia’s least accessible communities-beneficiaries. The most important revelation, beyond the uncovered fraudulent practices, is that any Government should closely monitor monies earmarked for their people which in many cases heretofore, is spent in an unaccounted, uncontrolled or unmonitored, closed ‘shop’ of alchemist NGOs including WHH as exampled.

However, committing further crimes by threatening investigative journalists is so abhorrent that judicial trends worldwide normally temper responses by withdrawing operating licences and jailing of culprits and their deportation, post-very long sentences. The apparent shielding behind an international NGO-conjectured immunity from criminal responsibility is of course, absurd and a nonsense and WHH does not have any such status including that under UN Article 71.

As seen in the Sierra Leone example, the 23.5 million euros in Financing Agreement numbers 21456 and grant fund Europe Aid 133481 earmarked for the people of Sierra Leone, never really benefitted our people but only the Prado-driving WHH staff and its cohort of co-opted local NGOs and slippery Government officials.

The architecture to identify and exclude these alchemist NGOs is being rightfully constructed and  donors are alerted that the business-as-usual   scenario  viz their client ‘pet’ NGOs, must be radically reformed, because knowing of a plan and intention to break the law by the pattern of behaviour of alchemist NGOs with a donor, can lend the term ‘co-conspirator’ to that circumstance.

Stay tuned for part III of my investigation

By Ibrahim Alusine Kamara

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