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PART II - Readers will recall from the previous article (sierraexpressmedia.com/?p=83514) that a team of investigative journalists in Sierra Leone and indeed Liberia, are exposing how donor money 

In days old, alchemists claimed they could mix simple compounds to make pure gold. Today in Sierra Leone, under the noses of our people, a new alchemist breed

Banana Island one of the most isolated fishing communities within the Western Area peninsular has been empowered to resist against the Ebola Virus with supported provided by the

The Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat has called on fourteen paramount chiefs of the Moyamba District to continue to be very passionate and committed in the containment

The Bureh Town Community, a beautiful and attractive beach area with beautiful surf, has been identified as the best surfing spot in the country.  In this light, the