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Congratulations Mr. President

Congratulations Mr. President

While having refreshments at my usual watering hole Moyamba junction last Thursday a car with a government number plate pulled alongside my vehicle. Out stepped a gentleman surrounded by two security men. My nephew who recognized him said something to the man who turned round and began to walk in my direction. I got off my vehicle and when he was introduced as Mohamed N’fa Alie Conteh the chairman of Sierra Leone National eEectoral Commission NEC, the unassuming man who has made a name for himself and  which name will be written in the annals of our country’s history as a man of integrity, who walked the straight path and refused to wilt under pressure, provocations and physical threat to his life by thugs and operatives of the now defeated Tolongbo APC party or more appropriately Ali Barber and his forty thieves. I wondered aloud whether he was truly who they said he was and without waiting for affirmation I exclaimed in a loud voice, loud enough to reach the ears of the crowded Moyamba junction market, “Mr. Mohamed N’fa Alie Conteh!”. The scene was ecstatic; there were shouts and applauds of acclamation from the crowded market people while the passengers in two government buses joined the chorus. Many went forward to shake his hands while the rest invoked Almighty God’s blessing on a man of integrity who they said had saved the country from a rogue regime and from anarchy and bloodshed. Puawui is proud to join in the acclamation.  (Photo: Sama Banya, author)

Mr. President I had planned to devote most of today’s column to the subject of Paramount chiefs those who had with wide open eyes become card carrying members of the APC. However as if on cue you have fully addressed the chiefs which will hopefully serve as a warning to characters like Bai Kurr Kanagboro, Mohamed Benya, Goway Sama, Brima Kebbie, Saquee of Tankoro, Musa Ngombukla of Jawe and many others like them who had compromised the position and role traditional rulers by acting party agents and in many cases mouthpieces for the out gone APC regime. When Siaka Stevens assumed office in 1968 as Prime Minister he set up Commissions of Inquiry on certain Paramount chiefs many of them from the north whom he accused of being SLPP supporters of the regimes of both Sir Milton and Sir Albert Margai. Kamachendeh of Gbenseh, Alimay Sorie of Makali, Alikali Modu of Port Loko. Makari N’Silk of Makari Gbanti, Kumpa Yek of Koya, Ella Koblo Gulama of Kaiyamba and many others all of who were removed from office. In a privileged conversation with EBK shortly after he took office and was a lot of  pressure from his more boisterous supporters to do like Siaka Stevens had done in 1968. They were tom include Bai Sebora Kasanga of Bombali, Koblo Quin of Marampa-Masemera and the Paramount chief of Gbonkolenke, Pompoli of Koya for their alleged closeness to the SLPP regime of former President Tejan-Kabbah. EBK assured me that he would not yield to the pressure and to his credit he didn’t. If he had it would not have been difficult to imagine the fate today of chiefs like Kanagboro or another one of who presided over a session of the APC convention. Kudos Mr. President.

In the last Puawui column I stated that the I G Dr. Richard Moigbeh had done some cosmetic changes in the hierarchy of the police administration. That notwithstanding haven’t the likes of Mohamed Turay alias Yetiyeti the notious OSD killer, AIG Karrow Kamara or AIG Memuna Jalloh reached retirement age, and could not the overweight Memuna be redeployed outside the regular force? I G Moigbeh I’m only asking!

Eddie Momoh the Editor and publisher of Metro newspaper asserted in his Thursday April 12 edition that I “sneaked my way back into the SLPP.” Because I made reference to his series of anti Bio propaganda in the past. Poor Eddie had lived abroad for so long that he has no firsthand knowledge of the events of those years and has relied on hearsay. I have decided to leave him with his ignorance.

Sylvia, oh Sylvia will you never stop at being in the limelight and sadly for the wrong reasons? At some stage you were practically going for the APC’s jugular and when some members of that party were mobilising support to throw you out of their party you’ve done what you are good at, that is to do a turnaround. Sylvia, look at where it has landed you? Are you covered with a real lady’s skin or with the rawhide of a rhinoceros which is impervious to so much? My advice is that you take a break and save yourself from these funny episodes.

Finally Mr. President you have begun to put your team together and so far it is what the Princewaleans of my day would describe as “CONC.”  I am sure you won’t forget to get more women in as well. You have no shortage of faithful and hard working ones from all parts of the country. Good luck.

Puawui …….Dr. Sama Banya

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