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Don’t Have the Slightest Shy to Identify Myself with Islam!

Don’t Have the Slightest Shy to Identify Myself with Islam!

I know that man is vicious by nature and that he can only be tamed and kept under control in a strict society of law and order.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle once said:” Man, when compared to animals is the best of all, but when law and order are separated from him, is the worst of all”.

The world has registered millions deaths since it was created by the Almighty Allah. Most of these deaths have been advertently provoked by man to respond to his selfish desires.

Those who caused World War I from 1914-1918 that claimed the lives of 20 million people, according to well recorded history, were not Muslims.

Those who provoked World War II from 1939-1945 that wasted 50 million lives were not Muslims.

Those who bombed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1944 killing thousands of people within minutes using the Atomic Bomb were not Muslims.

Adolf Hitler who killed 6 million Jews during World War II in what has been termed as the Holocaust was not a Muslim.

Bonito Mussolini of Italy who massacred 400,000 people during World War II was not a Muslim.

Chairman Mao Tsentung of China  who killed millions of people was not a Muslim.

Those who plundered Africa south of the Sahara and exported slaves to Europe and the Americas to work in sugar cane plantations were not Muslims. The gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity perpetrated against Blacks were the most brutal human rights violations ever recorded in history.

The armed bandits camouflaged as civilisers who plundered and ruined Africa using divide and rule tactics under the guise of colonialism were not Muslims.

There is no reason today to ignore the fact that there is war between the Arabs and the West and that the terrorist attacks in the West are a direct consequence of the ongoing war. The terrorists are not spreading Islam. They are blowing themselves up as part of the current political crises in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine etc.

The earlier  durable political solutions are found, the better. Suicide bombings trace their genesis in Japan during World War II after the American occupation of the empire. For most Japanese, suicide became the alternative to surrendering!

Those who brought the brutal rebel war in Sierra Leone that exposed the people of Sierra Leone to some of the worst atrocities in the world were not Muslims and never did so in the name of Islam. Even their main backer, Charles Taylor who’s currently languishing in jail in London is not a Muslim.

The current war and terrorist attacks in the West are purely political even if they are coated with Islam.

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