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JFK: Untainted Politician worth His Salt

JFK: Untainted Politician worth His Salt

Social commentators and political analysts are of the belief that in Sierra Leone we have two types of politicians: the ones who steal from the people and use the loot to rule the people later; and the ones who use their personal funds to heal the wounds and cries of the people.

Of late, we have seen and heard of a good number of potential presidential materials announcing or showing their intention to take over from where President Koroma would leave when his tenure expires in 2018.

It should be noted with some trepidation however that it is not all who come forward and say they are of presidential material that means they actually are. In fact, a good number of those agitating to put on presidential shoes after President Koroma, should really be looking for work in the stock market and elsewhere because they are simply unfit to lead this country.

It is a fact that we now have politicians in our midst who are plain hustlers and have no moral authority to lead this nation. This is because a good number of these so-called presidential hopefuls have been engaged in siphoning the country’s natural resources, pocketing the lion’s share of the proceeds and then giving pittance to the government in the form of taxes. These people calling themselves politicians have been engaged in this bad deal since time immemorial and now that they have amassed ill-gotten wealth at the expense of the people and the country, they are now bluffing and using their ill-gotten wealth to do political campaign and make donations.

Even as stated in the Holy Bible, it is not all who cry Lord, Lord shall enter Heaven and in the same vein, it is not all politicians who want or wish to be president are fit for this auspicious topmost position in any country.

It is against this background why many social commentators and political analysts are of the view that one of most fittest candidate for the position of President after President Ernest Bai Koroma is none other than the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara Esq. commonly referred to as JFK by his admirers, close friends and the general public. Why bring up JFK? Easy!

It is because when you take a comprehensive look at all the APC so-called would-be flag bearers, it is only JFK who can honestly say he has not been involved in siphoning the state resources via mining or any other means and then pocketed the profit only to surface as a politician with the objective of ruling the people of this country.

In other words, what social commentators and political analysts are saying is that among all the so-called politicians gallivanting all over the place, it is only JFK who is believed to have the moral authority to seek the mandate of the people of Sierra Leone.

When others were siphoning the country’s wealth and funds, JFK was hugely into his law practice having been the only Sierra Leonean to have held a very senior position in the then Special court of Sierra Leone; apart from his exemplary role as President of Sierra Leone Bar Association, Anti-Corruption Czar another position he held with flying colors before finally being appointed as Attorney general and Minister of Justice – a position he deserves for his diligent and patriotic service to Sierra Leone over the years.

As stated earlier, of all the numerous flag bearers, none can with confidence and moral authority hold a candle to JFK, the least they can do is emulate his gentle and honest attitude.

Amin Kef Sesay

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