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APC-USA Delegate Conference attracts hundreds of Sierra Leoneans in Texas

APC-USA Delegate Conference attracts hundreds of Sierra Leoneans in Texas

A one day delegate conference in preparation for the forth-coming convention of the APC-USA branch has ended in Dallas, Texas on March 19, with several recommendations outlined. The conference initiated by the interim administration was to explore ideas and to re-invigorate the 5th branch of the All People’s Congress (APC) party in the USA.  Guests flown from all across the country descended upon the superb Regency Hotel in Dallas to discuss the warps and woofs of political enterprise of the ruling APC party and its branch in the United States.

The conference was extremely well publicized and with the help of social media, there was a buzz of excitement about the conference which comprised of a wide range of diverse opinions. Almost every tribe in Sierra Leone was represented in the delegate conference. It was the first time a delegate conference was held prior to a convention for elections to be conducted.

Party members participated in the shaping of the APC-USA policy throughout the day by feeding in ideas and recommendations to the Secretariat of the APC Headquarters in Freetown. The branch chapter leaders demonstrated their ability for leadership and showed their great industry at work and eloquences in their presentations. They were instinctively focused on social issues of peace, unity and love. The delegates were able to pair the quantitative and ethics-oriented approach to the APC party policies.

In the deliberations, Conference delegates were exceptionally given the chance to decide on competing leadership bids as three prominent members, Mr. Unisa Kanu of Atlanta Georgia, Mr. Ahmed Kanu of Columbus Ohio, and Mr. Joseph B. Kamara of Washington metropolitan, all declared their intention to run for the APC-USA Chairmanship.  The three aspirants, in their desperation, had been launching campaigns since November 2013 when an interim administration was unilaterally installed in Washington by a high powered delegation from the head quarters in Freetown.

The high table

The high table

The conference kicked off with an opening remark by the interim Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim S. Kamara of Washington District Columbia –DC chapter after the two national anthems of Sierra Leone and the United States were sang.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Kamara informed delegates that the conference was a path to a successful convention. The convention was highly expected to be held in April, but surprisingly, it was during the deliberation that breaking news brought forth by the Chairman that the intended convention has been postponed by the party Secretary, Ambassador Osaman Yansaneh to the second week of June. Some of the delegates became disoriented as a result of postponement announcement, but Chairman Kamara in his fortitude apologized to the delegates and ascertained that the June schedule, despite no clear date, will be a final period for the convention.

Chairman Ibrahim S. Kamara

Chairman Ibrahim S. Kamara

The Chairman described the delegate conference and the forthcoming convention as plenary meetings under the APC-USA branch, saying that it is a key administrative stage in the ongoing campaign to unify the party and a lesson to be learned at all branches.

Mr. Kamara advised delegates to be steadfast and compliant to the core values of the party so that the branch continues to achieve a sustainable peace and unity. ‘A return to bigotry and anarchy within the branch membership has no more accommodation in the APC-USA branch,’ he said.

Many delegates were impressed over the president, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma’s decision to reshuffle his cabinet. The interim Chairman commended the president, for greatly increasing the visibility and inclusion of Diasporas in the government. President Koroma is a leader in our midst who is endowed with relentless courage, vision, ability and profound faith in humanity, some say.

Report of the delegate conference will be published by the interim in a communiqué that will comprise several recommendations. Most consensuses in the recommendations that expected to be in the communiqué is that, members requested to have a position in the party National Action Committee – NAC so that the branch will be represented in any party actions and discipline. It was also a consensus that the APC-USA convention should be rotational, state by state starting this one in June.

The branch has a diverse and dynamic speakers’ deliberation on issues and this conference has provided an in-depth insight, as well as, actionable and practical tools of engagement models. However, in order to foster the appropriate level of participation in the forthcoming convention, we would like to ensure that a date and venue for the convention should be announced by the interim as soon as possible so that a full participation of members from all across the states will be emerged, many say.

Sheik Daboh taking oath of office

Sheik Daboh taking oath of office

In another engagement, the Executive of the APC Dallas chapter took an oath of office before the interim Deputy Chairman, Mr. Abu Bakar Kanu from Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Sheik Daboh was sworn-in for the second time as president of the Dallas chapter.

When Mr. Kanu was administering the oath of office, he asked Sheik Daboh and his executive to raise their right hands, symbolic to represent every religion or faith. Sheik Daboh will start his tenure the second time on March 19 after swearing-in as the 5th president of the APC Dallas chapter.

APC Dallas was established in 2002 by Honorable Mr. Sheku Tejan Koroma. The chapter became more prevalence at the tenure of Ms. Nanette Thomas who was recently appointed as Sierra Leone’s Minister of Public and Political Affairs.  Ms. Thomas, is well known as the Iron Lady of APC worldwide, and was fairly represented by Mr. Sheik Daboh in the delegate conference.

Other presidents who served the chapter diligently and had made it pulsate with vigor and energy are Mr. Mambu Koroma, and Mr. Cornelius Macarthy.  APC Dallas continues to achieve a long time success based on its past leaders and its collaborative effort to compete with the opposition, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) which is struggling for leadership at home and in the diaspora.

Mr. Sheik Daboh’s administration strategy is to effectively share goals with the membership and get them on board with the mission and vision of the organization.  He is making sure that the entire organization has a sense of being principled and honest, and there is an inviolable code as to how members are treated making the group unique and distinct from the other chapters.

APC Dallas is one of a few chapters that has never failed to subscribe and contribute to the branch demands to achieve the branch cohesive goals. The new president fervently believes that State House is a permanent resident for APC leadership, therefore, his chapter will continue to rise because, as he put it, we will continue to choose individuals who are bright, optimistic, informed, visible, visionary as well as practical in decision making.

Long live APC Dallas

Long live APC-USA

And long live APC Worldwide. 

Sanpha Sesay. The Texas Chief

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