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The Death Penalty Polemics

The Death Penalty Polemics

This generation, where drug taking, satanic feats and many heinous crimes like rape, murder, and armed robbery are gradually becoming the order of the day for many miscreant groups, abolishing the death penalty, as a constitutional imperative, would be tantamount to the beginning of political madness.

If anything, the death penalty should, for the time being, be an entrenched clause in the revised constitution until the entire drug addicts who emerged as a result of the war, who now have no value for human life, because killing and destroying man, have been grafted in them, are completely expunged from the face of this land, one by one, as and when they commit.

The ‘slaughter house’ in Kailahun remains a rather sad monument for the degeneration of human civilisation into a so-called cannibalistic existence, to the point of creating a ‘slaughter house,’ an abattoir for the sole purpose of killing and butchering humans for food. That ‘slaughter house’ should be one of the monuments of the war that should be preserved for posterity and, also, to remind the present of the moral disintegrating effects of war, to ensure that those things that contributed to the emergence of the war are not repeated such as: corruption in high places, political marginalisation, tribalism and brothernization, corrupt Police Force and their involvement in the politics of the day, unbalanced distribution of the national cake and a whole lot of ills.

Great Philosophers and educationists in Western societies have written that the greater the experience the effective the learning. The post-war Head of State in Nigeria, Yakuba Gowan, was able to end armed robbery in his country by introducing public firing squad for armed robbery, an example of the end justifying the means.

To abolish the death penalty just now is to mortgage the lives of peaceful Sierra Leoneans to drug addicts, whose main occupation is to make money at the expense of hard working compatriots, through the barrel of the gun, most times at night.

Publicly executing armed robbers and making all murderers face the gallows are measures that this country should be considering for entrenchment in our constitution rather than the country.

Many Sierra Leoneans thinks that it is not even prudent, just now, to be a rich man, which is a direct invitation for armed robberies.

Let us first get rid of armed robbery, though a few examples can reduce the incidence of murder and other drug related crimes, then and only then should there be such a thing as abolishing the death penalty. Think security first before dancing to the tune of international polemics on death penalty.

Think seriously first, before dancing to the tune of international polemics on death penalty.

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