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If I were President Ernest Bai Koroma

If I were President Ernest Bai Koroma

In humans, there often is a penchant to wish to be what they may not, by any means, become.

It springs from the minds construction of sensory images that constitute the totality of one’s experience or knowledge, when fully matured.

It is the sensory of experience of higher pursuit of pleasures that are often wished in vain, as it were but whatever it is, it relates to man’s superiority over the lower cadre of creation.

Wishes, for higher deals, higher social status or even intellectual achievements, are as normal as the existence of man as a creature of God.

It is in this vein that I express my wish: If I were the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and in the same vein philosophize on what I would deliver, as the President, by simply stating I would:

  • Rebrand Sierra Leone as a nation in which all men are equal, even before the law,
  • Ensure that women are treated as they are in France where everyone respects the slogan: “les femmes d’abord”- women first in all public places (trains and buses),
    Engage on programmes that would completely erode the so-called ethnic divide or tribal differences, by ensuring that every civil servant must speak at least two of the major languages in the country (Mende, Limba, Temne, Fullah etc) apart his own,
  • Create boarding schools in the regions to ensure the actualization of this above-mentioned programme
  • Fire and replace non performing ministers without malice,
  • Ensure that the 2018 elections are conducted on a free and fair platform for all and sundry,
  • Tell all my ministers that it is all vanity to own fleet of vehicles and multitude of house while the rest of the common people live in abject poverty,
  • Make my country an earthly paradise by investing heavily on agriculture, education and tourism because a well fed, highly educated people in a beautiful country are capable of ensuring all other parameters of development,
  • Above all, graciously bow out after my second term of office.

But then, I am not, so things remain as they are-a talented but hungry illiterate people in a country where “might is right”, and democratic principles, blowing with the wind.

Is it the wind of change?


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