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Another SLPP flag bearer emerged

Another SLPP flag bearer emerged

Mr. Umaru Dumbuya has publicly declared his intention to run for the leadership of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP in the flag bearer race March, 2011. Addressing a sizable gathering past Tuesday at the ‘Bormeh Congo Town community, Mr. Dumbuya gave a rundown of his vision for the nation and admonished the party influencers there to think hard before choosing a leader this  “The SLPP is now obliged to choose its next leader on the basis of merit and ability to win the presidency. In this crucial stage of our party’s history, we must’ make this decision without nepotism,” runs a nerve in the flag bearer hopeful’s brief introductory hand bill.

Several issues were addressed by Mr. Dumbuya ranging from the month ‘trumpeted Bumbuna, which he says is over emphasized by the ruling All People’s Congress, to Food Security, which he describes as mere ‘hype,’ to education, which he says is underserved despite the SABABU project ‘propaganda.’

I have a wealth of experience in community and individual human development while working over twenty years in the Ohio State correctional prison system in the USA. If I am given the opportunity, I am sure to make significant impact in small and medium scale industries, which is the bedrock of economic growth around the world,” Dumbuya assured.

Mr. Dumbuya says he respects women and that he would ensure their fullest participation in nation building. When asked about the current divide within the party and the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) factor, he responded by saying that his task is to work clearly caused the SLPP to lose to the APC in the past elections.

Mr. Dumbuya also says that he has been a member of the SLPP since 1964; he was Chairman of the Western Area Youth Leaders in 1967, and that his constituency was proud to have defeated the notorious Sorie Ibrahim Koroma (Agaba Satani) despite losing the elections that year. “I spent twenty one days at Mafanta Prisons,” Dumbuya recounted his ordeals at the hands of the old APC.

After several death threats and attempts on his life by the then APC hardliners, Mr. Dumbuya traveled to the US where has spent thirty nine useful years. He is now back to invest his acquired experience in his home land from the highest office of the state.

I am now concentrating on the grassroots living in the most deplorable communities because it is they who really need the attention of the government. It is a shame to see people living in ramshackle dwellings right at the heart of the capital city,” Mr. Dumbuya lamented. Regarding the question of creating jobs, he says that is his specialty as a correctional manager, adding that he would utilize all his connections and experience to woo in genuine investors that would create small and medium scale industries similar to what obtains in the US.

His mantra reads: “The only way we can win back the presidency is to give all sierra Leoneans a new hope they can believe in. this must be done under a new leadership that can successfully cut across tribal and regional lines.” It is crucial to note that Mr. Dumbuya would not mind choosing a woman as running mate, which again puts Dr, Kadie Sesay, the only SLPP woman candidate so far, into even sharper focus.

Constituency Secretary General, Mr. Mansaray, and Bormeh community stakeholders Sinneh Kargbo, Ibrahim Dumbuya, Sanni Sesay, Mammy Fatu Conteh, Mr. William, and the area Chief, Mr. Fallah were the members on the high table along with their Guest of Honour, Mr. Umaru Dumbuya.

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  • To whom it may concern,
    I would like you to know that Mr. Umaru Dunbuya, CANDIDATE S.L.P.P. Flag bearer will be vesiting Houston Texas Nov 21 2010 to speak about his agenders, he is presently leading in all polls around Texas as others cant waite to hear from him. I THINK IT WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP IF YOU COULD PUBLISH THIS INFORMATION. If you have any question email me back then we will take it from there.

    17th October 2010

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