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On the Rampant Lawlessness

On the Rampant Lawlessness

It is no longer a secret that this country is suffering from a high rate of lawlessness; little wonder our correctional centers are overflowing with outlaws. Lawlessness has been cosmetically called corruption which remains the biggest thorn in the flesh of the government.

Without lawlessness, the Ebola deadly viral disease would never have spread like wild fire; even when government made it a law that nobody should bury the dead except the burial team, many lawless people were engaged in secret burials which sent many of them to untimely graves. These lawless people destroyed the lives of hundreds of people.

Our law enforcement agents have been doing their best to contain lawlessness but their efforts seem not to be yielding the required dividend as the vice continues unabated. Our lawlessness begins from the homes to the schools and to the workplaces.

Many lawless husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters are usually dragged to the Family Support Unit or the Social Welfare Ministry for failing to obey the laws of the family. Late coming, truancy, spying and other forms of lawlessness are rife in our schools and colleges.

At governance level, the rampant lawlessness, euphemized as corruption, has been largely responsible for the progressive retrogression of this country; this is a notorious, unpleasant and inescapable fact.

This press is with the strongest view that we can never fully realize our dream of prosperity if we do not minimize lawlessness at all levels. The day we decide to minimize from lawlessness, the Anti- Corruption Commission, the Sierra Leone Police, the judiciary and other law enforcement agents will have less work load. Man is naturally a lawless creature that is why we have the police and other law enforcement agents without whom society will be chaotic and difficult to live in. But the rate of our own lawlessness is becoming alarming and is a genuine cause for the concern of this medium.

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