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Manifesto 2018/2020

Manifesto 2018/2020

The politically prudent bird is pleased to announce that he will be contesting the forthcoming 2018 or 2020 presidential party as a very independent candidate with the following manifesto:

Fellow citizens, I am desperately in need of your votes and if you give me, most Sierra Leoneans will always go to bed hungry. There will be acute water shortage and many of you will sleep on the streets. You will never receive school fees subsidy on time and many teachers will go without salary for ages. There will ever be no electricity anywhere except in Freetown, Bo, Makeni and Kenema. Only the major roads will be tarred but all other roads will remain not tarred and rugged in line with my road policy

I will buy you hundred new buses at 120.000 US Dollars each and your great grandchildren will pay the debt. You will enjoy maximum freedom to sell of the main streets. I will highly increase University fees to drive away the poor for whom it is not meant. I will definitely dismiss summarily any who is sex maniac the rapes university. My government will have two Vice-Presidents, one elected the other appointed. I will often travel abroad with an entourage of not less than forty people all of whom will be on fat per Diem. My government shall pardon any minister not caught stealing but those caught will be temporarily dismissed and reappointed when occasion demands.

My government will fight Ebola to the last atom of its energy and will not hesitate to quarantine any Ebola suspect, even if he is a Vice-President. You will be given safe and dignified burial by my numerous burial teams and you will never be allowed to sell on Sundays. I will confiscate the staff of any Paramount Chief who will not help me fight Ebola which will never defeat my government.

Passport will be sold at a cut-throat cost, five hundred thousand Leones and no poor citizen will afford a passport as will be strictly for the affluent people. I will run my government like a big business. Mine will be a government of no intention but many actions and my main agenda will be food insecurity and prosperity of my ministers.

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