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Minding the Rolling Boulders

Minding the Rolling Boulders

As the rainy season draws closer to its peak, we are beginning to express justifiable fears of the uprooted rolling boulders which have made it a custom to be crushing people and houses every year.

Our fears become more justifiable when one considers the fact that many residents of Freetown have taken to the dangerous habit of squatting under boulders and hills even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been doing everything possible to prevail on them to evacuate those disaster-prone areas. The more they are advised to stay away from those unsafe places, the more they continue to squat there.

We should have learnt a very good lesson from the collapsed King Jimmy Bridge disaster which claimed the precious lives of many who were squatting under the dangerous bridge. Few years ago, torrential rain uprooted a giant boulder which rolled through houses crushing many people.

The Samba Gutter carries the credit of claiming few lives every rainy season when it floods to its peak. But even when the rainy season is yet to reach its peak, we have started receiving reports of rain flood destroying properties at Sur Road, an area that is not considered disaster-prone and is not on record for such calamities.

Therefore, we wonder what will be the fate of those stubbornly dwelling in environmentally unsafe places like the Kroo Bay, the Mayiba Hills and other areas known to suffer rain troubles every year.

As a proactive measure, we are humbly suggesting the evacuation and relocation of people residing in disaster-prone areas before the rainy season reaches its pinnacle, otherwise, we bet you that rolling boulders and sweeping floods will surely destroy more lives and properties this year.

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