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Are you there – VP Sam Sumana?

Are you there – VP Sam Sumana?

As I mulled-over things, trying to examine the now, perhaps in the months and years to come political mix-up- currently jingled AFTER U NAR U, or AFTER U NAR ME, or AFTER GBAGBO NAR U’- the thought asking “Why has Vice President Sam Sumana become so quiet over the years’?” seems irresistible even so.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, author)

Yes, I do have the same opinion that experience has thought victorious Vice Presidents the world over imbibe the attitude of submissiveness to their bosses – individual heads of states.  Of course, no disbelief also those who refused submitting have had themselves not re-appointed to office (second term), or granted the platform to successful succession, or in the worst case scenario, hauled out of office with serious crimes on their heads; the result of which has seen them dethroned, detained and made to languish in cells of countries’ prisons as the case may be.

The truism, as was seen in days of the defunct Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) reign, is that Solomon Ekuma Berewa (who was late President Tejan Kabbah’s Vice President) has had a vivacious moments in office, and was as fairly equally powerful as his boss then.  But as with Vice President Sam Sumana, the case is somewhat in the reverse. And begs the ‘WHY’ question?
My take, as I graciously put words and thoughts together, no doubt carefully, logic and rationally have forced me ask the question, “ARE YOU THERE – VP SAM SUMANA?” which implies that stalemate between President Koroma and VP Sam Sumana seems not over yet.

What if, in my opinion, I choose to also say because Sam Sumana has had timeless off-putting media publicity over the years, the reason he has resolved accepting that he should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday, that in the middle of what is now a heated political mix-up- the AFTER U NAR U, AFTER U NAR ME, AFTER GBAGBO NAR U- has kept sympathetically silent, decided not be a party to any of what the fragmented ruling APC or disgruntled opposition SLPP politicians may have resolved doing.’

I may still not be right in my opinion at all; only he (Sam Sumana) is able to tell why he has been quiet even as he acts as country’s second highest political folk.

To this, anyhow, has seen me taken up a pen, flip over and meticulously recalling on the rumored allegations a year or so ago, that he (Sam Sumana) is still not in good terms with his boss – President Koroma; the reason for his silence.  And that he seems see himself an ‘odd one out’ in the APC, that he has decided taken the best precaution in playing the game quietly, of course, allow those who say are the political ‘world bests’ make the loudest of noise though.

Like I do accept the sayings of people that “being quiet is good idea, not bad piece of advice at all, that one can be quiet amidst prevailing bitterness but, by God, that doesn’t mean he will not triumph over them and suppress him,” the same I now see Sam Sumana seems doing as he goes through his political ordeals, almost certainly act as world’s most redundant Vice President, who goes to his office in the morning and returns in the evening not having anything to account for.”

Just when political mouthpieces recently made public their intention for ‘extra time’ for President Koroma – (AFTER U NAR U)-, a proposal I have in some ways endorsed, I have also observed another group propagating AFTER U NAR ME, that which is understood as promoting Sam Sumana’s bid for Presidency in 2017 (though unconfirmed), has, of course, brought serious political mix-up from within the membership of the ruling APC and the opposition SLPP too.

But whether the thought for an ‘extra time’ for President, half explained reasons for the quietness of Sam Sumana or not, is the hundred plus one question left unanswered anyhow.

I still commit to memory situations where almost all of APC’s politicians never thought Sam Sumana would have been re-appointed President Koroma’s running mate in the concluded 2012 elections, and the shock it created in the minds of many shortly after he (Sam Sumana) was of course announced country’s Vice President.

As it were, same also is suspected, Sam Sumana’s reason for his observed quietness. That while others have had untiring moments discussing who may have been appointed the President’s running mate then, he (Sam Sumana) was as quiet as ‘mumu’, not talking, not laughing, not moved, rather waited on what was his boss’s decision though.

Too certain he thinks being quiet in moment of power struggle helps, and the reason he has this time also remains quiet as he put plans in place ahead of coming events in the rundown to the 2017 elections.

Well, if that is a strategy he thinks will better work well for him; there is sense in it though. But can it be true he is behind the jingled ‘AFTER U NAR ME’ publicity; a thing many say explains his succession line of attack for Presidency?

I have asked the above question because I want readers join me to force Sam Sumana give an answer to it, just as society has asked President Koroma to come clean on the talked about ‘extra time,’ which seems likely violating Sierra Leone’s constitution…

As I close this piece, here am I to say that Sam Sumana is like a charioteer, with a dormant gun, standing still, but stands vibrant as others passed him untoppled.

Same has made me also think he (Sam Sumana) is truly a ‘mansa,’ which to the Konos means ‘chief’ (of course, a crowned Kono chief, I was told), and in the ring of politics, an exceptional politician that has neatly made his way all the way through, penetrating ranks of vested interest to becoming country’s second gentleman, and where possible (if so destined) may likely be the next Presidential candidate for the APC in the coming 2017 Presidential elections.

Now, Mr. Sam Sumana, it makes sense to ask you this simple but straightforward question anyhow: “That in case you are made the APC Presidential candidate in 2017, amidst humiliations faced, will you until the end of time forgive your enemies—of course, forget their names too?”

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