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Mr. Bockarie Stevens: The Undiplomatic Diplomat Meddling with Politics Outside his Ambassadorial Jurisdiction

Mr. Bockarie Stevens: The Undiplomatic Diplomat Meddling with Politics Outside his Ambassadorial Jurisdiction

The political movements of the All People’s Congress (APC) in North America (NA) with the acronym APC-NA appear to be entrenched in a struggle that has a propensity to tear apart unity amidst organizers as well as supporters in the Diaspora, which disorderliness should be blamed on Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Bockarie Stevens. Since Ambassador Stevens arrived in Washington DC and resumed duties, his political psychosis and curiosity have hauled him to a state of thoughtlessness that continues to provoke political organizing. Besides, approximately 99% of any wrangling within APC-NA is of his making. For instance, a few months after he resumed office, Mr. Stevens designated himself as the official in charge of supervising all APC activities in North America. (Photo: Mr. Bockarie K. Stevens)

In addition, he made it clear that he has the right and authority to disintegrate the administration of any APC chapter in America only because he is a senior member of the party and a member of NAC.  In particular, he outlined that he will not hesitate to scrap any APC chapter that he considers disloyal or would-be disloyal to the autocratic doctrine of Mr. Bockarie Stevens. One of the best things he continues to do include his ability to plan, organize and support individuals who lack the wit that can influence political unity. Ambassador Stevens is a propagator as well as provoker whose sneakiness and buggy mentality continue to empower his scoundrel tactics in all his efforts to fabricate dangerous communications.

Ambassador Stevens’ repulsive approaches to APC Chapters in the United States will certainly have some negative impact on the APC government of President Koroma if his pathetic dogma is awarded a green light for such undiplomatic misbehaviors.

Mr. Stevens is manipulative in communicating dangerous lies among party branches as well as between the party and the parent APC administration in Sierra Leone in an attempt to maliciously disorganize and punish those who he feels are disloyal to him by not willing to dance to his tunes regardless of their grumpiness.  It is clear that he is prone to be repetitively misleading the APC base at home through erroneous information in order to gain support from the APC administration in Sierra Leone.

Furthermore, Mr. Ambassador Stevens deployed some members of the APC party in America to help identify party organizers who are opposed to unconstitutional and undemocratic practices. Thus, he egoistically precluded the seven APC Chapters in NA from active politics by suspending “neutralizing” them (if I may use his words) because he thought that they are not supportive of his age old grubby tricks. Mr. Ambassador Stevens conveniently handpicked individuals who he can easily control. In addition, he let his handpicked political traitors furtively infiltrate all APC branches, which gave him the ability to divide and control, regulate and manipulate political affairs that has no bearing with his official functions. His presence in the United States has promoted discord, backbiting, hatred, nastiness and dangerous rivalry within APC-NA Chapters.

Mr. Bockarie Stevens is not functioning as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States; rather, he co-functions as the director general and commander in chief of APC-NA. His movements are very misleading to administrators and political leaders of the APC government of President Koroma. Mr. Stevens’ disruptiveness has caused the APC leadership to be demonizing even those who had fervently and sacrificially worked to build up the new APC party. Mr. Stevens selfishly chose to be championing political pettiness and backbiting instead of engaging in his ambassadorial assignment.

Most often than not, it appears very funny when Bockarie Stevens attempts to hide behind the tilt of his finger by arrogantly pinpointing that “I do not want to get myself into the work of the APC-NA”, although he is busy round the clock disrupting the affairs of APC-NA. One wonders who Mr. Stevens is trying to fool because his hypocrisy and sycophancy are not too different from the behavior of terribly greedy politicians. Out of the products of late Siaka Stevens, Bockarie Stevens is the only political mess who is still polluting local politics like a one party system. Is it not time for the Stevens’ moldy politics to give way to civilized politics?

Why was Bockarie Stevens deracinated from the United Kingdom only to come and engage in corruptive politics? After all, there was no need to bring someone from outside the United States to represent Sierra Leone because there are better-educated and well-mannered politicians in America who could have been in an excellent shape to occupy the ambassadorial office in Washington DC to bring in development to our country. His activities heap disappointment on the person who chose Bockarie Stevens. Little did they know that he was coming with an agenda to  mess-up APC politics in North America thereby destabilizing the party’s financial hope in times of dare need.

In discussing the misconducts of Bockarie Stevens, it will be okay to reflect on the words of a Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe in order to rephrase and link it with Mr. Stevens’ political anxiety. With no doubt, “Bockarie Stevens came quietly and cleverly with his foolishness and confusion to the United States, and APC-NA members were amazed at his foolishness and demonstrated an admiration at his name ‘Stevens”  by giving him a warm and respectful welcome. Thus, Sierra Leone-Americans quickly made him feel at home, as they took him around with unconditional support. Nevertheless, as Ambassador Stevens’ political toxicity solidified his judiciousness, he instantaneously turned against his well-wishers and did put a knife on the string that unified political organizing in America. As such, APC politicians in America seem to be falling apart.

Thus, APC-NA Chapters can no longer act alongside the spirit of togetherness because Mr. Stevens mastermind the disintegrations of APC-NA Chapters in order to quench his selfish ends. Mr. Bockarie Stevens disunited APC politicians, organizers and supporters by tearing apart the very dynamics and fabric that held organizers of APC-NA together and now the mission of political organizing has fallen apart.

It is not clear whether the National Secretary General of the APC party, Mr. Victor Foh and the APC leader, President Koroma were best informed about the political capability of Bockarie Stevens. Most APC supporters in the Diaspora understand that Bockarie Stevens has decadence political mentality that propels his monstrous activities.  The Head of State, President Koroma and Mr. Foh would have not assigned him as one of the backbones of Sierra Leone’s international politics had they known his capriciousness.

Mr. Stevens appears very curious to take control of APC organizing in America so that he can easily meddle with party affairs that seem to be outside of his ambassadorial jurisdiction.  He upholds that he can manipulate and control the APC-NA if he suppresses chapter leaders and the Chairman of the APC-NA, Mr. Osman Conteh. Mr. Osman Conteh and the majority of Chapter Presidents and APC supporters struggled to build up APC organizations in the U.S. with wisdom and respect for democratic principles.

Why should Bockarie Stevens be allowed to destroy the good image of APC politicking in the Diaspora?  He forgets that politics is about numbers. Sadly enough, while the opposition – SLPP is busy setting up chapters in every corner of the United States, Mr. Stevens is busy working for them by tearing apart chapters and pushing members and party loyalists away from the party. This is evident on the remarkably low turn out to the just held town hall meeting in New York; the seat of his Chairman and senior traitor. Some with wisdom might suspect him to be working for the opposition. This is the time to resist his dubious and undemocratic attempts by doing what so ever it takes to nullify his unconstitutional actions.

The APC administration in Freetown should decide on either accepting the one vote of Bockarie Stevens or the thousands of votes by members of the Diaspora who often sacrifice time, money and energy to travel to Sierra Leone to support and vote for the APC.

It is a mockery of the political process to dissolve the entire executive of the APC-NA but turn around to appoint the Vice Chairman, suspended Secretary General and organizing secretary to form an interim administration. All of these people are guilty of the same Bockarie charges against political pluralism by practicing coercive autocratic principles. Especially when he precluded democratically elected executive members from party politics by dissolving their chapters.

Do ambassadors have the right to disorganize an organization that they never participated in organizing? What a shame to APC for allowing such uncouth and vicious behavior. Without doubt, any person with wisdom can distinguish from any point of view the messy situation that Bockarie Stevens has plunged political organizing into the United States. As the 2012 general elections are fast approaching, will Bockarie Stevens be allowed to continue with his mess in America? When questioned by his close allies about why he dissolved APC administrations in America, he pretended to be hiding behind President Ernest Bai Koroma that he got directives from State House. The only way to dismiss Bockarie Stevens’ false statements about the President is either by the Press Secretary or the Minister of Presidential Affairs who are the President’s mouthpiece. It is expected that they will make a statement or press release following their wise assessment of the situation even as they are now in the ground and able to have real and authentic information if they want to with much ease, hoping that they will not only listen to Bockarie Stevens anthem.

APC organizers in the Diaspora are seeking an immediate response from State House or from the Vice President’s Office concerning Bockarie Stevens’ appalling politics to save APC-NA.

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