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Sierra Leone is heading for prosperity!

Sierra Leone is heading for prosperity!

In any functioning democracy, there is always a tendency for the opposition to embark on a systematic devaluation campaign directed towards downplaying whatever achievements the ruling government might be making. In fact, the role of the opposition in any country is distinctively known to cry down the government in power. Expecting the contrast will be standing logic on its head! However, when there appear to be excesses in the condemnation exercise reaching the pitch of unreasonable hysteria, and peppered with threats to destabilize our national security, then we are forced to re-examine the entire situation of the country and put our cards on the table. Objective minds can pick it up from there!  (Photo: Unisa Kanu, author)

When the noise that emanates from the opposition becomes unbearably so loud and menacing, two things automatically come to mind. Either (1) our country is on the brink of collapse! or (2) our country is besieged by hysterical politicians from the opposition vying for yet another ‘pocket-filling’ expedition of a comeback! Perhaps, we need to put these two points into proper perspective and study in detail how they stand to impact on our future generation.

Detailing Point (1): Our country can do with constructive criticism as a pressure source for good governance. No one can deny that corruption is hampering the government’s development drive.  In fact, no democratically elected government should expect to be free from the scrutiny of those who gave it their loyalty and support during elections, but we are all parts of the same fabric of our national society, thus, scrutiny can be just as effective if it were done with understanding and effectively backed up with alternative suggestions for remedy.  But when objectivity remains a bone of contention in the incessant criticisms emanating from the opposition, a desperate motive for the seat of power is exposed. The international community will, at some point, come to understand that the real reasons for the hysteria are politically motivated. With the type of political awareness now in Salone, we the people of the country can surely differentiate between concern for country and uncompromising eagerness [Pa-O-Pa] for leadership! It will be up to the people to decide in the next elections. But by then, it will be sad news for those without faith-management intuitions.

Ernest Bai Koroma (EBK) made some smart ministerial appointments in his cabinet, some of whose clout and significance to the Agenda for Prosperity have yet to be palpably realised. When the whole world came to identity Sierra Leone as one of the fastest growing economies in the world for 2014, we have to realise that the structural economic mechanisms our government has put in place must be giving out ‘green-light’ signals to attract international standards. In addition, the President himself and several government ministers have made trips abroad to establish and secure strong bilateral ties that could help bring fruitful development programs to our beleaguered nation. Memoranda of Understanding that promise to alleviate our nation from the yoke of poverty have been signed, but the bureaucracy accorded with the implementation process definitely requires time. Collectively, when all these programs begin to transform the lives of the ordinary Sierra Leonean into a brighter future, we hope the opposition will be true to itself and give merited praises where they are due! At least, that is one way to show that their allegiance to the country is supreme.

It is quite possible that, with the Internet and social media so vibrant in structuring political agendas these days, all these positive forecasts have might have primed the opposition to intensively wage an early campaign of smearing, thereby detracting the nation from the obvious potential successful projects on the pipeline! They might have foreseen that, when [not if] all these projects ignite into a combustion of comprehensive national progress, they are doomed to spend the rest of their political lives warming opposition benches. Otherwise, one can’t really understand why even the media that is supposed to be professional in its dealings has suddenly gone haywire in the very first year of the EBK’s second five-year term in office.

Detailing Point (2): Indeed, if our country is besieged by hysterical politicians from the opposition vying for yet another ‘pocket-filling’ expedition of a comeback, we are set to witness contrasting outcomes in the eventuality. Some schools of thought will begin to wonder if inside men within the system have not already collaborated with opposition for their own personal greed to undermine the genuine efforts of the present government.  It’s not a new phenomenon to see some civil servants with marketable integrities suddenly becoming collaborators on the assumption that, if the SLPP regain the throne, they will be awarded with plum positions in government. The allure of a Rav 4 Toyota Jeep, or a diplomatic posting have often proved to be irresistible! Such over-ambitious thoughts of temptation for an assured future might be gaining currency amongst a cabal of despondent politicians in the opposition. Ironically, out of power greed, we might come to witness a cross-section of our people getting angry whenever there’s any good news of development in the country. The contrary is also a real possibility! But of course, the prayers of our forefathers and the natural wishes of the majority will prevail.

Without mincing words, we’ve got to treat the myth that is gradually being transformed into some kind of hope within the rank and file of the opposition that, ten years in the opposition should be regarded as one single reason to justify a reclaim of leadership, in what could best be described as an ‘OSUSU’ venture. Definitely, there is no serious democracy that can bank its tenets on such a false premise. Only the ballot box can determine the winners of an election. Besides, over the years, the people have seen politicians come and gone, but to get a leadership that has relatively delivered even this much is one single reason for us to restrain ourselves and be patient. The Agenda for Prosperity is just about a year old. We are sure they will deliver, by the Grace of the Almighty!

The only option left for us to admonish is practising positive and inclusive politics, with our real concern and efforts directed towards alleviating our people from the yoke of poverty and deliver them to the shores of success. By and large, Sierra Leone is already set for prosperity, with or without the cooperation of an envious opposition!

by Unisa Kanu

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  • I agree Unisa, it’s heading for prosperity, but what about the citizens?
    I think they deserve something from all the prosperity and it shouldn’t be for just the select few as is the case at present.

    22nd January 2014

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