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Muslims observe Islamic unity week

Muslims observe Islamic unity week

The 12th -17th of Rabiul Awal in the Arabic carlendar described as Islamic unity week marked Prophet Mohammad’s [SAW] birth anniversary. The celebration which was held on January 15 at the Iranian Cultural Centre  attracted Islamic scholars, Imams, women , Military Officers, students and other people from all over the country  on the theme, ‘’Factors and obstacles of Islamic unity.”

Delivering his statement, Mr. Maccsude Gibril Sesay who is the son of the great Islamic Mufti, the late Alhaji Gibril Sesay stated that in 1958, Sierra Leoneans were given the authority to celebrate the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad [SAW] through the leadership of his father, Alhaji Gibril Sesay, Alhaji Sanussi, Alhaji Mustapha, and the late Haja Dankay Kabia among others.

He emphasized that these people went through a lot of struggles in the hands of the British colonialists in their campaign to ensure that this holiday is observed by some governments and imperialists.

He observed that many holidays are recognized in Sierra Leone and so should the Maulid ul Nabi, as it is the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad which mankind must always remember.

He also stated that there was a time in this country when Mosques were burnt down through the support of some Governments and the colonial masters.

In his remarks, the Chief Imam of the Freetown Central Mosque, Sheik Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Sillah, maintained that the Prophet Mohammad was born as a Prophet but he was declared as a Prophet when he was forty years of age.

He explained that Abdul Mutalib who was the Great Grandfather of the Prophet Mohammad guided him after the death of his parents while Imam Alie was the closest companion to the Prophet and cannot do any single thing without his presence.

In his comments, the Director of the International Institute of Islamic Studies at 54 Wilkinson Road in Freetown, Dr. Raghavi, described the feast as a great occasion.

He mentioned that unity is a big blessing and gift from Almighty Allah through the holy Prophet Mohammad [SAW] who was sent to serve as medicine to the universe.

Taking the podium, the Cultural Chancellor of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Reza Ghazel Sofla, congratulated all Sierra Leoneans for celebrating what he described as a great day.

He affirmed that all Muslims know the position of Prophet Mohammad [SAW] as the last Prophet guaranteed for unity, progress, civilization and the key to the affairs of mankind. He intimated that the Prophet Mohammad left Islamic monotheism or oneness of Allah and emphasized and the encouragement for human beings to seek knowledge. He said that if Muslims if they love the Prophet Mohammad, they should be self-disciplined and hardworking as he was, mostly waking up at night to perform special prayers.

He reiterated that thirty five years ago when the great Imam Mohamed Rahoula Khomeini brought peace and unity among Muslims around the world by declaring the 12th – 17th of Rabiul Awal as a week of unity to celebrate the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohammad [SAW]

By Abdulai Mento Kamara

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