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Bockarie Kakay vs Francess Thompson

Bockarie Kakay vs Francess Thompson

Francess Thompson who is residing at 92A Dundas Street, Freetown, interviewed with SEM on the 8th March 2010. In the interview she explained that she has been in court for over ten years for land which has been in her family property that was taken away from them in the year 2000. She said Bockarie Kakay sued one of their tenants Abdullah Sankoh rather taking the actual matter into consideration, and by so doing last year on August 8th the Bailiff and police came to the residence and filed all their properties under rein. At the same time, thinking that he had money, he took the matter to court without him attending court, she said.

Francess Thompson said that since the matter was at the Magistrate’s Court, her Lawyer, solicitor Berwah followed the matter up to high court level, but due to financial constraints the case had to be delayed because there was nobody to come to their aid.  It also became a total disaster as certain family members became aware of the issue of threatening remarks from those who are in support of Bockarie Kakay.  Early last year the case was transferred to high court where Kakay was invited by court order but he did not attend.

Land dispute at 92a Dundas St

Land dispute at 92a Dundas St

Francess Thompson also revealed to this press that because of the frequent absence of him from the court the presiding Judge, Justice Konoyeama of Freetown high court decided to take a final decision on the matter. Hence the complainer is not ready to make himself available in at any sitting making it difficult both for the judiciary and the accused person in question. therefore Justice Konoyeama on the 5th November 2009 came to the conclusion to give Francess Thompson the right to take the entire compound at 92A Dundas Street.

On the 8th of March a Bailiff from the High Court Sierra Leone came at about 10: 30 am in the morning and started file filling all building materials which were kept in the store built by Bockarie Kakay. The Bailiff John Cyril revealed that he had been given a court order from High Court to visit the scene and file fill everything that belonged to Bockarie Kakay as he has lost the case which was in court from 2000 to 2010 and that the Thompson family has won it, therefore the said property belongs to the Thompson’s now he said.

In the interview Mr. Cyril told Sierra Express Media that their duty as Bailiff is to see that they remove everything that is owned by the complainer out of the compound and make sure the present owner signs the document and that the property must be handed over to them in the presence of the police and the other party. He furthermore disclosed of the bear on hands in any other issue pertaining to any family issue that if the other party is not satisfied with the court decision, it is their right to appealed in Appeals Court.

The caretaker of Bockarie Kakay, who decided to withhold his name, told this press that his boss is not in Sierra Leone presently and as a car taker his responsibility is to take care of the said property but not to explain anythingono behalf of him, therefore, he preferred to refer the press to Mr. Bockarie Kakay himself.

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  • If it is the Kakay-Xerox fame I know, then I salute the verdict of the court in favour of the Thompson family. Kakay is a crook who ran away from Sierra Leone after being found guilty in a corruption case in the 90’s. Kakay is presently living and doing business in Liberia as a Liberian of the Mandingo ethnic group. He is going around telling people that he is very close to President Koroma. He has direct contact with the president and can talk and see him anytime he wants. He is reported to solicit huge amounts of money from people seeking audience with His Excellency.
    Kakay is somebody to be watchful about.

    29th March 2010
  • Kakay is one of the most powerful man in the Country, so Frances Thompson has to be very careful.

    11th March 2010

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