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Johnny Paul is alive and kicking

Johnny Paul is alive and kicking

JP the initiator of peace

It is now an open secret that leader of Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) junta regime is here within the walls of Sierra Leone and he is very much alive and kicking.

A close confidante and a relative of the indisposed junta leader who begged for anonymity argued strongly that Retired Brigadier Johnny Paul Koroma is currently residing in a secluded venue in Freetown.

Our source said Koroma has decided to conduct himself in a pensive mood owing to scandals of a Special Court indictment hanging over him. He further boasted that Jonny Paul has been in close collaboration with a renowned Paramount Chief, whose name he did not disclose, and who has promised to facilitate a meeting between Johnny Paul Koroma and President Ernest Bai Koroma in the not too distant future.

During his nine months in power, Johnny Paul proved himself a benevolent dictator thus providing an astute leadership for the people. He was held in captivity in the maximum security prison on charges of treason but was latter liberated by colleagues soldiers in the other ranks and imposed leadership on him after the overthrown of ex-president Tejan Kabbah in the May 25th 1996 coup détat.

During his hold on to power, Johnny Paul tended to burst international sanctions and embargos when he paid a backlog of salaries to civil servants and teachers; he was able to produce enough food items locally for his people and electricity supply were in abundance.

During the interregnum, Johnny Paul secured the release of 300 ECOMOG soldiers that were captured by the RSLAF on June 2nd.

Johnny Paul Koroma was the first to bring out the rebels of Revolutionary United Front from the jungle to engage themselves in peace talks.

He was a very religious and God fearing soldier who could fondly be remembered on the day he ordered the entire nation to yell the name ‘JESUS’ at 6 p.m. to solicit divine intervention for an end to the war ,so that the people could enjoy peace again.

The Rtd. Brigadier was later appointed National Chairman for the Consolidation of Peace in the country.

He further demonstrated his belief in the tenets of democracy when he formed the Peoples Liberation Party (PLP), a political party under which umbrella he contested the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections and polled an overwhelmingly significant vote.

Although an international criminal court indictment threatens, much has not been heard of it lately, but many Sierra Leoneans would like to see Johnny Paul Koroma walk through the streets as a free and peaceful citizen, one of the key architects of the peace we are now enjoying.

By Alford Dillet & Denis Jones

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  • I could recall that faithful day, the populace of Sierra Leone shouted on tup of their voices the name of Jesus. I was part of that group. I strongly believe as my faith mandates me that the shout brought peace to this country, because the Word of God says that at the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee bows and every tongue confess the Lordship of Jesus. The name of the Jesus is a strong tower the righteous runs to it and they saved. Whoever call on the name of the Lord Jesus is saved This is the only good thing that JP Koroma did in his 9 month rule, which overshadows all the evils hid regime purportedly committed. Whether you like him or not JP Koroma was a believer, who had genuinely wanted to end the rebel war, but he was misunderstood completely. I do not blame 100% for the atrocities during the interregnum. The leadership was imposed on him because at one point we were made to understand that his movement was restricted by Maskita (Sam Bockarie) lest he wants to escape.
    Please note that in the ten years of the war, I never stepped my feet from Freetown, by then I was a teacher. So I experienced the full bitterness of the war. Johnny P. Koroma is really a victim of circumstance. Don’t forget he was released from prison by the initial coup plotters with no option but to dance to the whims and caprices to accept the leadership of deadly gun toters. It’s unfortunate for JP Koroma, and this is why he is still alive while most of the true killers are all dead or behind bars.

    21st July 2013
  • Although i do not agree with the article, i believe that every citizen has that fundamental right to move freely in their own homeland. Equally, every citizen owes the duty of living up to their actions and thereby accepting the consequences that follow. Johny Paul Koroma is a true citizen of Sierra Leone who murdered his own people and as a result, must face the consequence. He has to surface and go through the legal process which has to be free and fair and he must not be subjected to any form of intimidation and threat. I wish him goodluck with that.

    18th July 2013
  • I was always saying that Johny Paul is alive and sound. If he is a true man, let him come out. If I where him, I will continue to live in hiding. It will be a mistake on his part to come out. He should not join our free society any longer. I bet you. Tell him that his comerades, Issa Sesay and others are waiting for him.

    17th July 2013

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