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Mohamed Lamarana Bah President FPU USA

Mohamed Lamarana Bah President FPU USA

Mr. Mohamed Lamarana Bah (in photo)
President of The Mighty
Fullah Progressive Union (FPU)
United States of America.

Hooreejo, Musiddo Mouhamadou Lamarana

On behalf of Hooreejo Tabital Pulaaku International, Alhadji Alpha Amadou Diallo, and on behalf of the Commission for International Cooperation of Tabital Pulaaku International, I write to convey our congratulations to your esteemed  association, the Fullah Progressive Union, with our best wishes for a resounding success of the Annual Cultural Picnic scheduled to take place July 6, 2013, in the United States.

Tabital Pulaaku International would like to use this opportunity offered by this very special occasion to pay public tribute to the FPU for its important, lead and historic role in the promotion, protection and preservation of the cultural heritage, values and dignity of Fulbe in Sierra Leone, Liberia, West Africa and the entire globe. There is sufficient evidence to support my assertion that FPU has been a rallying point and a gigantic resource base for the cause and progress of Pulaaku since the association was established in the 1960s.


I was privileged as a young Parliamentarian from The Gambia to visit Sierra Leone in the 1980s and take part in FPU activities with the leadership of Chief Alhaji Mamadou Alpha, the late Alhaji Bailo Barry, Alhaji Ndire Bah, Alhaji Sowe and many other Fulbe from all walks of life who sacrificed, worked hard and invested a lot to preserve the dignity of Fulbe.

Mr President and dear brother, you will agree with me that the challenges that we are faced with in sub Sahara Africa are monumental. On the way forward the only safe option available to us as Fulbe is to close our ranks, construct a solid united front and invest in culture and education. At the same time we must be mindful on the absolute necessity to preserve our mother tongue Pulaar/Fulfulde which we should use as a medium of communication in our homes and in our gatherings.

Tabital Pulaaku International is committed to work with the Mighty Fullah Progressive Union and all other Fulbe cultural and develop:ment associations to attain our ultimate goal of “Kawren Toownen Pulaaku”.

Yo Allah oku lenol pulaagu barke, fottal et pottal et bantal.

On Jarama,  On  Yettama, On Jabbama.

Bubacarr  M Baldeh,Commission for International Cooperation, Tabital Pulaaku International, Dakar, Senegal.

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