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Sucking State Blood

Sucking State Blood

Those desperately money-hungry officials of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank who are reported to have leeched this nation’s economic blood must definitely not go unpunished after found guilty. Failure of government to bring those killer criminals to justice may embolden others to do the worse.

We very much appreciate the expressed determination of the police to leave no pebble unturned to bring the notorious fraudsters to book but we are pleading that the expressed determination be transformed into action.

It is high time we eliminated the dogma that state funds are free for every bold thief. We must try to hammer home the fact that state funds are meant for the state and not for the bottomless bellies of rapacious criminals masquerading as public officials.

As long as we keep encouraging public officials to tamper with state funds with impunity, our Agenda for Prosperity will never be realized and this country will continue to occupy the perigee of the UN index.

What beats our imagination is the way people are now desperate for money. We have reached a point where most of us have sacrificed all our values on the altar of a mundane thing called, money. We have become so egocentric and so cruel that we can kill our own brothers slowly just for our personal aggrandizement. Our zest for money has overshadowed all our values.

One dirty habit we have detected in the average Sierra Leonean is that as long as he or she is fed, whether his or her brother or sister is perishing, he or she does not care. Why have we become so satanic on this land? Why do we need twenty houses and thirty cars while our fellow citizens die of hunger? Life is all vanity and whether we gather all the wealth in this world, we will soon die and leave it to our enemies. Let us be careful, God is watching.

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