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Soccer Craze

Soccer Craze

One of the world’s most popular games is football or soccer.  Apart from its economic viability, soccer fosters unity especially among young people. The game also contributes immensely to the physical well being of many young people who play it, so, the importance of soccer is obvious as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

However, all play and no work makes Jack a useless boy.  Although soccer is very important, the game seems to be over emphasized in this nation. This press has observed that soccer is now taking the lion’s share of the precious time of many of our young people and even some of our elderly people. What can rightly be described as a soccer craze seems to have gripped this country.

Just visit some top state offices and you will be totally disappointed to hear that some of the salient officials are busy watching a thrilling soccer war between Arsenal and Manchester.

Go to the business places and you will be astonished to realize that some traders abandon their business to watch football. Many schoolboys lose their classes while playing soccer during school hours. In many areas, especially our capital city, many Freetown streets have been converted to permanent football fields.

It is very common in our cities to see heated arguments over football degenerating into fist fights usually resulting in the wounding of people. Many citizens spend much of their hard earned money on a soccer gambling by Mercury. Some fortunate ones win the soccer gamble while the unlucky ones keep losing much money to the game.

I quite agree that entertainment is very vital to human existence but at the same time, I believe it should not be at the detriment of our development. So, we must not allow soccer to disturb us in our offices and business places from where we get our daily bread. Although playing soccer helps the physical development of our school boys and is a form of education that is quite lucrative nowadays, we should not allow it to overshadow all other educational disciplines.

We are not praying to have a next generation dominated by footballers with very few lawyers, medical doctors, engineers, journalists and other professionals that are vital to the development of our society.

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